Tighten Your Breasts in Week with This Home Remedy

Best Home Remedy that will help you Tighten your Breasts

Today I am sharing with you the tested home remedy that will lift your breast and make them firm and perkier. An upright pair of breasts is part of many factors that constitute the eternal feminine beauty. Sagging breasts can severely undermine the beauty of a woman. Through out the adult life, every woman desires to have perfectly shaped breast. Unfortunately it is not possible in majority of cases.

When woman reaches at the age of 40, the breasts starts to droop due to a number of reason.  Some of the factors that results in breast sagging include poor nutrition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, rapid weight loss,  menopause, weight gain, and aging.

In some cases wearing wrong fitted bra can also result in sagging of the breasts. Breast sagging does not just happen after the age of 40, it can also occur at the younger age.

The all natural breast tightening home made mask is made with ingredients that are readily available and can be applied to your breasts without any side effects [Please see note].

You may want to try this home made breast firming mask first before considering any other costly surgical procedure or products. It is time to make the breast mask so that you can firm your saggy breast.

This natural formula is effective and risk free and many women can benefits from this remedy. The breast mask shared here is most probably best all natural breast mask that will help you to perk  your breast naturally. It is not an instant fix but you should by seeing results after about 7 days of using this breast lifting all natural mask.

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Vitamin E, Honey and Egg White Breast Tightening Mask


  • Vitamin E – 1 tablespoon
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon
  • Egg White – 1


  1. Add all the above ingredients in a bowl (one tablespoon of vitamin E, one teaspoon of honey and one egg white).
  2. Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients.
  3. Gently massage your breast for 3 to 5 minutes by applying this paste on your breasts.
  4. Wear any bra that will not absorb the mask. The bra should be fitted to your breasts and not loose.
  5. After about 30-45 minutes, you can remove the bra and wash your boobs with lukewarm water.
  6. Repeat the process everyday and you should be starting to see visible results after about 7 days of use.

If you do not find the Vitamin E, you can use the liquid in the Vitamin E capsules as well.

Note: Don’t use this mask if you are allergic to any of ingredients.

Tighten Your Breasts in Week with This Home Remedy

You can also try these workouts to firm your breasts in addition to using this home made breast tightening mask.

149 thoughts on “Tighten Your Breasts in Week with This Home Remedy”

    1. My breasts turned to drooping empty bags of skin after breastfeeding 3 babies. So it’s true for me .

          1. Did any of you check with your Dr. As to why your breasts droop? There are no muscles in your breasts it’s all fat.

          2. I dont have any kids but I lost a substantial amount of weight & now I hate my boobs. They used to be perfect ?

      1. I breastfed all 5 of my kids and at 58years old my breast do not sag because I wear my bra 24/7. I have large breasts so it makes sense that if you don’t allow them to sag they won’t!!

          1. To NaHID January 9, 2018. 24/7 is not a bra size these women are saying they wear their bras 24 hours all day long and all 7 days of the week. So 24/7 is a catchy slang speak in the USA for 24 hours seven days of the week…or otherwords 24 hours out of every day no time off. (Doctors and nurses might say I am on call 24/7. I know Amercians are famous for their slang terms and difficult for others not born into it to understand us. But hope it helps if someone hasn’t helped you out yet. For some odd reason your comment did not have a direct reply button so I went to the step above you to answer…hope you come back to see it.

          1. I am 50.. My great grandmother told me this secret to wear your bra 24/7 and you will have nice breast. I have had 3 children and breast feed. My breast are the same as when they were 20. Firm and Perky

        1. I have 6 kid’s i also wear a bra 24/7 l was able to breastfeed my youngest up to 18 months old I’m 49 year’s old and mine don’t sag it all either. I’ve been told a lot you don’t need that bra. I’ve told them oh but yes I do.

      2. Same for me too mine used to be perky and sexy prior to 3 kids then breast feeding made them look like saggy used condoms I always have to wear a bra because I can’t stand to even see them.

    2. Have you ever breast fed? I know for a fact that it can that breast feeding can cause severe sagging. After breastfeeding 2 kids my breast sagged so low and were smaller than before I breastfed, which was pretty small. I used cream and massage as well as foods and exercise to increase size and firmness. I will definitely try this when I finish my tubes of cream.

      1. I agree; however, I’ve been reading WebMD which states it’s not the breastfeeding but the actual pregnancy itself which causes the droopiness. This is due to the rapid weight gain, then rapid weight loss ( what do you think?) I breast fed both my babies. My breasts are OK, but I had a boob job before I had baby 2 and I can def tell the difference; my breasts don’t look as nice as after the surgery anymore.
        I am doing the same things you’ve tried. I hope this paste works!

        1. WebMD is not a reliable source of information. Ask any Doctor or nurse!! Both pregnancy and breast feeding can cause sagging. It has to do your genetic make up and the amount of collagen/ elastin your skin has…..

        2. I went from a full A/small B to a D during pregnancy and a DD spilling out when full during breastfeeding. They shrank down even smaller after I stopped and were very saggy, but after I started bodybuilding they are perkier… as much as they ever were.. and I Don’t wear a bra 24/7, however aside from pregnancy and breastfeeding (when I DID always wear a bra), I’ve always been unendowed enough to not worry about it. The ingredients in the mask are know to tighten lose skin, and shaping the muscles under and around the breast’s will pull the skin more taught into a higher (perkier) position.

      2. I breastfed my son as well and mine sag too sadly currently pregnant with my second baby and planning on breastfeeding again will try this hopefully it works

    3. I have heard for years, that breastfeeding, menopause, and many of the other things, poor nutrition, RAPID WEIGHT LOSS, are all reasons that I have experienced, among, illnesses. I will try this, as I have also heard many of egg whites used in many home remedies! ☺

    4. True for me! I started having large breast at age 18. But, after giving birth to my three children and breast feeding, my breast started sagging.

    5. I spoke with a plastic surgeon and he said after breast feeding all women’s breasts deflate and some sag too. Every woman I know who has breast fed has deflation. I don’t know about the menopause part.

      1. I was never able to have children BUT I can sure tell you that menopause will make them hang and sag in was I never dreamed!!

    6. Maybe if you are in great shape and exercise regularly during and after pregnancy and during your breastfeeding years ( not when actually breastfeeding); you Amy he fortunate enough not to have sagging. But for most women; sagging breast are a normal problem as the skin and muscles in the breast are consistently changing due to amount of milk produced and the actual act of breastfeeding as the child handles, or manhandles (LOL) the breast. As for menopause, there are many hormonal changes going on as well as decrease in metabolism; so yeah, that means the girls are sadly affected as well

    7. I believe some breasts react differently to breast feeding, while mine drooped a number of my friends did not suffer the same fate.

    8. When you breastfeed your boobs get full of milk which makes them blow up. When you feed or pump it sucks them dry leaving them looking like dried prunes. So yes they do sag and get all worn out.

    9. I think each person is different in that case. I personally breast fed off one breast both children and the breast fed boob is floppier then the right! Any sort of stretching and restricting no matter if it’s nursing, weight fluctuations, or age if ur skin stretches it will sag!

    10. It is very factual!!! All of the above are cause of sagging breast if u breast fed a child and your boobs still remain the same….lucky you! But to say it is not factual! I disagree with you! Because i’m a leaving witness!

      1. Cathlyn White Guerra

        I’ll be 75 soon, breastfed both kids for 8-9 mos each and have dense, firm barely-any-sagging breasts. Each woman’s body is different! The benefits of breast feeding are life long for the child! Don’t use possible sagging as a reason to deprive your child, if that is the only reason! Some women, for one reason or another, are unable to breastfeed, but if aesthetics is your only reason not to, then I hope you will seriously research the benefits. A plastic surgeon can always make you perkier afterwards! ?

        1. I too breastfed and at 71 years of age my large breasts don’t sag because I wear a bra even when I sleep.

    11. Really.? Show me one woman that had breast fed a baby and hasnt got sagging breasts afterwards…… you obviously haven’t spoken to real women

      1. My breast don’t sag. I breastfeed my son 13 months and my daughter 15 months. I didn’t gain much weight in fact I lost the first trimester due to sickness. I didn’t scratch my belly so don’t have stretch marks either. It is all about the pounds you put in that is what my doctor said.

    12. I have to disagree baby’s and nursing def make my breast sag terrrible . I was left with the boob was in . I was a natural d and a f whole time nursing• I never go without a bra ever !! It def was the reason . I had the best round perky breast before .got worst after the second .. you got very lucky !! So you can’t say something that applys to you to be a fact to everyone , I think most would agree with me

    13. I dont know… my breasts went from Cs to a DDD during breastfeeding and back to a C. There is loose skin and sag. At least immediately after I weaned each of my children. They do go back but it takes care.

    1. You stop doing it when you think you get the desired results. Afterward you use it occasionally, like once a month.

      1. This is nonsense. You shouldn’t apply egg whites to your skin as if cause cause a rash and burning sensation. It’s advised not to apply it to your face so why would you apply it to another sensitive area??

        1. It will happen if you are allergic to eggs. In that case you should not be touching eggs. Egg whites are commonly used in many face masks without any problem.

        2. Egg whites are perfectly harmless to the skin unless one has an allergy to eggs. I’m an Esthetician and egg whites are used commonly in tightning and firming products.

        3. I have applied egg white on my face and nothing happened to my skin. My skin is allergic to mostly everything. But the egg white did not bother me. Younger, I used to put eggs in my hair for treatment.

  1. This does not work. Your article contains statements that are true. Articles should not be posted just for the sake of having one posted

    1. Statements that are NOT TRUE

      I MEANT TO TYPE …..” statements that are not true. it is a very false article”

    2. Worked for me sucks that you didnt get the resukts you were looking for, but thats no reason to say the article is untrue, results may vary. But everything stated in the article is true…

  2. Yes, menopause and breastfeeding CAN create changes in the breasts including sag. In menopause, our estrogen level drops and this will cause it. In breastfeeding, the breasts enlarge and then shrink a bit when we stop. This causes a stretch in the skin. It can take a good while for the skin to tighten back up if ever.. Not sure where EMBER got their information but it’s incorrect.

  3. What’s with all the negative comments?
    To the negative Nellies – if this article was on Cosmopolitan.com, would you be this critical of it?

    Kindness is certainly a rare virtue online.

    To the blog owner, great article! Interesting tips and the tightening recipe is DEFINITELY worth trying for at least a week or more. This is nothing compared to the workouts most women do for uplifting their breasts, or the moolah they dole out for cosmetic surgeries.

    1. I agree with you, all of these negative comments are straight crazy especially when no one is forcing you to do it! She stated that it worked for her so all of the negative bull needs to cease!

    1. Agreed!! I’m definitely trying this. After much weight fluctuations and breastfeeding 2 children, I for sure would love a breast lift!! I’m quite certain this will be much cheaper & with less scaring and pain. I am also doing exercises and my chest muscles HURT!
      Thank you blogger, for sharing this remedy.

  4. I have sagging breast from a young age. I don’t know the reason but I always wear a bra in the day and night. I have been using the olive oil remedy and it is working. However I will try the remedy and see if your own works.

    1. Its genetic also. I never had neat perky breasts. Mine got big fast & weight gains/losses, children nursing, age have made them sag a little more but not much. I am trying this.
      My daughter, both sisters, & myself all have the same shape & slightly droopy breasts.

    2. Wearing a bra all the time is not great for your breast. Also you may have hormonal iregularities. Ask your doctor. That was my issue, still is.

  5. The negative comments are not correct, this natural treatment will prettly work because, honey and vitamin E has done a whole lot on me, even egg white on hair and facial treatment. The causes of breast sagging mentioned above is true and this natural treatment is far better than or let me say it can’t be compared with costmetic and surgeries.

  6. Guess what negative Nellie’s… I am a 58 yr old grand mother and mother of 5 kid’s of my own… I had saggy breasts to start with because I developed to rapidly as I began my teen’s and early adolescence, I breast fed all 5 of my babies I continued to sag until an O.B.G.Y.N. doctor told me how to cure the problem and she herself went though the same issues so the EGG WHITE,HONEY AND VITAMIN E all went in a bowl got mixed and placed on sagging breasts every day for 1 month, then it went to three times a week for a month and then when I felt it necessary. I have not done this for at least 20 years and though I went through menopause, went through cancer (and NOT OF THE BREAST) had yearly exams gained weight, lost weight, re-gained weight lived under common stress and enjoyed my life I still do not have saggy breast’s… how many 58 yr old’s can say they could go bra-less but I don’t because I prefer a bra but I don’t show if I didn’t want to wear one and I’m in a “C” cup so if you are on a negative role take it to a different blog where it will do some good maybe.

    1. Thanks for sharing, I am 65 , had 3 babies nursed them all , went from a 34b to a 38DD and went through menopause, yes they sag, I have nothing to lose.. gonna try….

    2. teresasammie13@gmail.com

      All I can say is that I am going to try this because gravity took place I am 63 years old and I had 5 children I breastfed every last one of them I started developing when I was 10 years old I had a breast reduction due to the fact that they were so big I was getting hunchback my back hurts so bad and I could only sleep on my side sometimes I couldn’t stand them because they were so big and when I had to have the reduction I told the doctor please leave me with fried eggs I don’t want big boobs no more I hate them I’ve gained weight and lost weight and still my boobs get big but not as big as the way I had them I’m going to definitely try this see if it helps

    3. Thanks so.much for the positive feedback!! Every woman’s body is DIFFERENT so for someone to say it didn’t work on them doesn’t mean it’s not going to work on someone else. I’m definitely going to try this and btw I use a honey and sugar scrub on my face and body that does WONDERS for fine lines and wrinkles and overall body softness Then moisturize with pure coconut on my face but you can use whatever moisturizer you prefer. You can also DIY at home with honey sugar!! You won’t be disappointed!!

    1. Hello there, please am still waiting for a reply on whether the paste can be applied while breastfeeding cos I have an 11 month old and we are doing the breastfeeding thing till she is 2 yrs. A reply will be helpful. Thanks

  7. Thanks for the article and info and way to put the truth out there Melody! If yoyoare skeptical and just negative about the effects, then just don’t try it. Or if you just have so much money and don’t care to be plastic then by all means go shell out the money and get yours lifted. Why not try a mood lift or enhancement while you’re at it.

  8. Breast sag regardless of the reason (breastfeeding, menopause, etc.) Is stretched ligaments . The only way to lift them back up is to shorten the ligaments, therfore, surgery is the only real way to reverse sagging breasts.. sorry ladies.. however, tightening the skin with egg white mask such as one in this article may create a slight lifted/firming effect.

  9. Sagging breast do not undermine beauty a shitty attitude like that does. So if your trying to push your views then try not pushing on women who should know sagging boobs are not a bad thing. It is natural. Arrogant people like you are the reason women are insecure.

  10. I’m a fit 53 year old.I have beautiful perky breasts, I got them one way and the only way to fix saggy breasts. Breast augmentation. Don’t tell me some stupid home remedy is going to fix it. Kevin…how are you an expert? Other than men just like boobs

  11. Beauty is. To determined by boobs, perky or otherwise. True beauty is defined by character, compassion, actions, integrity and love.

  12. It is not expensive it can’t hurt you so why not. 63 with saggy breast. I breat feed and menopause. I’m game. Looking for perky.
    Thanks for posting

  13. I think the key to preventing this is good support bra and a good moisturizer. Vitamin E is a good option. However, once that firmness and lift goes its pretty unrealistic to think you can come back from it. When I was pregnant and had my first daughter coco butter was just as important to my breast health as it was to prevent stretch marks on my stomach. I experienced very little sagging. I’m now pregnant with twins and hoping for the same but I know that some sagging is inevitable.

      1. But other sources where you got this recipe, they add my reference in their article. But its not fair, you will not add my reference.

        You can check date and time, I am the person who tell this recipe very first. and Now its your responsibility to add my recipe page link, on your site.


  14. Hi Melody, do you mix this up & keep any extras in the fridge? Also, if it works on the boobs, and as i’m not allergic, will try it on other saggy areas. I’m 47 & haven’t had babies. My boobs have always been big & not perky, so what the hell, I’m gonna give it a go. I’m a size 40DD cup, but wear a size 34/36 jeans. Good luck ladies & thanks for a great article!

  15. Hi! I really want to try this mask, I just have a question, on the bra that will not absorb the mask, can I just wrap my breasts in plastic film and then put on the bra? Will that allow the mask to work?

    1. I have 5 children breastfed for a total of 7 years and my breasts look better than they did before I had children. They filled out more and haven’t sagged at all. Don’t be afraid of nursing your babies! Eat right and exercise and wear a good bra, and live a good life. You’ll be fine. You may not look like a Hollywood fake woman tranny, but who wants to anyway? Don’t let them set the standard of beauty for you, you set it for them!

  16. I feel the need to point out that sagging breasts does not ruin the beauty of a woman. As soon as I read that line I stopped reading this article. Women are beautiful for more things than just their breasts, narrow waists, ass and legs. Give me a break. Nothing wrong with wanting a lift, but do not tell women they aren’t beautiful because they don’t have the unattainable standard that society demands of them!

    You are all beautiful, regardless of your breasts perkiness or lack thereof.

  17. I have very large breast when I was 15 I was a size34 D now umm a 36DDD n wear a size 4-6 pants n I have saggy breast partly I think because of the size n having three kids but I am almost 57 years old n I will give it a try because I’d love to have a breast reduction n lift but to scared of that cause I’ve already been thru so many other surgeries for health problems n don’t want to go through any other kind unless it’s a have to si its worth trying

  18. I dont have any bras that wouldnt absorb the mixture would covering it with plastic wrap work before i put my bra on?

  19. Male Perspective

    For the length of time women have spent disputing this author’s blog, how many of you have actually tried it for 7 days ???

    Cigarettes have surgeon general warnings for accelerated risks to cause lung cancer yet cigarettes still sell. Which is worse or better, some of you ladies may even smoke. Give Kevin a break and try it.

    Since most bras will absorb the mixture just use a piece of cling film between your breast and the bra. Problem solved.

  20. First timer, pls ma, Am 40s now but am not married so I don’t want my breast to fall sagging can I use the home remedies

  21. It also has to do with nipple alignment (placement). The lower the nipple is on the chest has much to do with how breasts look. Also rapid weight loss and gain, along with pregnancy can cause stretch marks. Once the elastin is stretched beyond your skins ability to snap back, sagging will occur.
    There isn’t any cream applied topically to the skin that will fix this.
    You can try, I know I wish it were true.
    Good luck Ladies, I really hope I’m wrong!

  22. Why not show a picture of a person who actually had positive results from using the mask for 7 days as opposed to a picture of a model that clearly has had a breast augmentation???

  23. I have 5 children breastfed for a total of 7 years and my breasts look better than they did before I had children. They filled out more and haven’t sagged at all. Don’t be afraid of nursing your babies! Eat right and exercise and wear a good bra, and live a good life. You’ll be fine. You may not look like a Hollywood fake woman tranny, but who wants to anyway? Don’t let them set the standard of beauty for you, you set it for them!

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