Tips to Having a Healthy Eye

The eye is a very important organ of your body that enables you to see. It is very essential to take care of your eyes as any little damage to the eye could develop into a big problem and might lead to total damage of your eyes. Here are a few tips that would ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

1. A good night’s sleep

As other parts of your body get tired after a long day’s job, so does your eyes. Lack of sleep causes the eye to be fatigued. This fatigue could be noticed in the form of irritation in the eye and difficulty of the eyes to focus on objects. Your eyes need to rest for about 6-7 hours a day to ensure that they function properly and stay healthy.

2. Clean off any eye irritants before sleep

Before you sleep, make sure that substances that could irritate the eye like make-up, skin lotion or hair lotion, which could easily enter into the eye when you toss and turn while sleeping, are well cleaned off. Serious damage can be done, if these substances find their way into your eye.

3. Avoid prolonged wearing of contact lenses

Contact lenses could be very effective and feel very comfortable, but wearing your contacts over 18 hours in a day could damage your eye more. Also avoid sleeping with your contact lens or mishandling them to keep your eyes healthy.

4. Avoid prolonged focus on light sources

Prolonged focus on light sources like televisions, light bulbs and phones has been proven to have very negative effects on the eye. If you work with objects that emit light or there is a necessary need to stare at a light source for long, then make sure that you look away to another object every 2-3 minutes.

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5. Get your eyes tested regularly

Your eye doctor always knows the best. Get your eyes checked regularly to ensure that your eyes are performing at their best or if there are certain things that you need to start or stop doing to ensure that you have a healthy eye.

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