Top 4 Effective Yoga Exercises to Help with Diabetes


Did you know that yoga could help to lower your chances of getting diabetes? Yoga can also be important in managing your diabetes by keep the blood sugar at steady levels.

Physical activity such as yoga not only improve your quality of life but also help to reduce stress, maintain steady blood sugar levels and improve body strength.

Yoga should not be considered alternate to your diabetes medication or a treatment to cure diabetes. Yoga only help you to improve your health and fitness leading to better life.

Here are few yoga poses you might consider practicing if you have diabetes.

1. Bhujangasana

The Bhujangasan yoga pose is of a particular benefit for  diabetic patient. It is one of the primary yoga poses that help to prevent getting diabetes.

This can be done by lying flat on the stomach on a level surface.

This type of yoga, focuses specifically on the muscles of the abdomen and shoulders improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in the region.

This improved circulation is especially required for boosting the metabolic processes of the body and thereby effectively controlling blood sugar levels.

2. Mayurasana

With the specific function of flushing out the system of toxins from the body, and at the same time invigorating and toning the digestive system, the Mayurasana yoga technique, helps in building pressure towards the abdomen, as a result of which the flow of blood is directed towards the area.

Also, it reinvigorates the digestive organs like the liver and pancreas and combats diabetes to a huge extent. In order to get the maximum benefit and for the improvement of metabolic activity, this pose must be practiced on a regular basis.

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3. Halasana

Halasana, or the plough pose is of particular benefit to you if you have diabetes as it stimulates the spinal nerves and the abdominal muscles. This pose focuses on the abdominal cavity and stimulates the digestive organs. The abdominal organs, the throat, the lungs and the parathyroid glands derive especial benefit from this pose and thereby contribute to the improved digestion and metabolism.

Studies have revealed that the effects of this yoga pose are therapeutic in nature and are known to provide benefits if you have diabetes through improved digestion and improved metabolism.

4. Chakrasana

Similar to the athletic backbend, and known for its reinvigorating and stimulating effects on the body – Chakrasana has been spotted for enhancing the efficiency of the abdominal organs by stretching up the abdominal muscles and generating pressure on the digestive organs.

This also tones and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles. This pose enhances the blood flow and positively contributes in removing toxins from the system. As a result, the metabolic activity is refreshed and rejuvenated imparting an effective metabolism of the body.

Yoga is important in improving your physical activity regardless if you have diabetes or not. It improves your mental and physical strength which is part of managing diabetes.

These yoga poses are not beginner levels and need lot of practice. Please also consult your physician before you start yoga if you have any medical condition just like any other workout or exercise program.

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  1. This is a stunningly inaccurate and dangerous article. You could lead to people dying publishing this garbage! Diabetes is incurable, without insulin I would die. Take this down before someone is hurt or killed!

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