Top 4 Tips to Clear Your Mind

The mind is where consciousness, perception, affectivity, judgement, thinking and will are based. It is a process of the brain that helps us to do the things we do and how we do them. However, the mind is sometimes filled with too many disturbing things at a time and thus can affect productivity and output of the individual in everyday tasks.

Here are 5 tips to clear your mind.

1. Get organized

Too many things go on in the mind at a time and you’ll only be helping yourself by taking out some things, that shouldn’t be in there. This is possible by being organized, keep your things in their rightful positions, write out the things you need to buy at the grocery store and write down your plans in a notepad. This will prevent you from having to search for your misplaced keys or lens all the time, or getting to the grocery store and not remembering all the things you have to buy.

2. Make a list of tasks

It’s quite easy to want to store a lot of information in the head, especially if they are not large. But you can always save yourself of the stress by writing them down. Write down those tasks you are to perform and how to go about them, so you won’t have to compulsory remember everything, when you can always go back to your book to remind yourself. You can also set reminders on your devices, so that you don’t miss important meetings.

3. Learn to say no

Saying no to requests, especially to loved ones, can be a little difficult. A lot of people say yes to even things they are uninterested in or they can’t possibly create time for, so they squeeze it into their schedules and they don’t feel good about it. If you have so much already to be involved in, try as much as you can not to include something extra. Think about yourself and what you have on ground already, before saying yes to any invitation. Cultivate the habit of saying no.

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4. Write a diary or keep a blog

Keeping a diary or a blog will help you pour out all your worries or concerns. Rather than brooding over these thoughts and watch them result to nothing, you can write them down in a diary or share with others on a blog. This will also be a great way to look back on your past and remind yourself of why and how, you did some things or took some actions. Clearing your mind is simply sorting out things in your mind, gathering thoughts, and improving focus.

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