Top 5 Easy to Do Workouts To Reduce Your Breasts


Looking to trim down the size of your breast? While breasts are rightly considered to make a woman more attractive, a little oversize breast however, can make a woman look ugly all the same. Even worse, a recent study linked over-sized breast to health issues such as neck pain, arthritis, breast cancer and other similar health issues. Whether your over-sized breast is as a result of high estrogen level in the body or obesity, it can be reduced by making use of certain specific exercises. And within this article we have compiled for you five breast reducing exercises. This all natural home made mask can also help you tighten the sagging breasts.

1. Push Up

Although commonly known to be effective in building up shoulder muscles and chest muscles, a recent study has also proven that oversize breasts can be reduced with push-ups.

How to do:

  1. Simply lie down on your stomach on the ground.
  2. Keep your legs stretched straight and your feet close to each other.
  3. Place your palms firmly on the ground with fingers slightly apart from each other in order to provide good support.
  4. Now push your chest upwards and remain in that position for about two seconds before coming down again.
  5. Repeat the process. Do this at least ten times twice daily for best results.

2. Jogging

Studies have shown that jogging is very effective in reducing fat levels of the body. More so, jogging will help you to significantly reduce your over-sized breast. You should jog for at least twenty minutes daily.

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3. Swimming

If over-sized breasts are bothering you big time, swimming is another healthy choice to give a try. Studies have revealed that the back strokes and the front strokes work on the shoulder and chest muscles will help in reducing the fat of the breasts and also in giving good and attractive shape to the breasts.

4. Light Weight Lifting

Try lifting light weight dumbbells or even heavy weight dumbbells if you are comfortable. This will help you significantly reduce your over-sized breast.

How to do:

  1. Stand straight or sit on a chair. Lift dumbbells in both hands and lift them up and then put your hands down.
  2. Repeat the process many times. Do it at least ten times on a regular basis and see effective result.

5. The Hip Shift

This is another great exercise for over-sized breast reduction.

How to do:

  1. Begin by raising your hands in the upward direction while standing straight.
  2. Interlock your palms. While holding your wrists and palms very tightly, release your index finger.
  3. Now while inhaling push your hips towards the right side.
  4. Then exhale while you bring your hips back to the starting position.
  5. Now, push hips in the left direction. Do it ten times daily.


If you find it difficult to do the above workouts, you can start with these exercises which even people with low stamina can easily do. Later you can start the above workout routine for breast reduction.

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