Top 5 Foods Highest in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very healthy nutrient required by the body for so many processes and functions. In particular, it helps to maintain several important tissues and organs, promotes the health of the immune system, and may even lower cancer risk. With this impressive list of benefits, you’ll probably agree with us that you should keep up a high intake of Vitamin C. In this article, we’ll show you 5 commonly accessible foods with the highest vitamin C content.

1. Bell peppers

One bell pepper (in particular, yellow pepper) contains as much as 341.3 m of Vitamin C. This is about 569% of the recommended daily value.

2. Guavas

Guavas are a delicious tropical fruit with a high vitamin C content, about as high as 125.6 mg per fruit. You can eat your guavas whole or chop them up to add a healthy dose of nutrients into your smoothies.

3. Dark green leafy vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables are a surprisingly high source of vitamin C, given that vitamin C is usually associated with fruits. However, these veggies, such as spinach, will deliver up to 80.4 mg of vitamin C per cup of chopped spinach.

4. Citrus fruits

When you speak of vitamin C, citrus fruits are probably the next thing that come to mind. These fruits such as oranges, apples, pineapples and etc, have a very high vitamin C content, and are delicious as well. Additionally, you can either eat them whole, drink them as fresh juices, or combine and chop them up into a fruit salad. The average orange will provide 69.7 mg of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

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5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes don’t contain quite as much vitamin C as the other foods on this list but they come with a lot of other health benefits and are very commonly found, pretty much everywhere in the world. 2 Tomatoes will yield 93% of the recommended daily value, and will come with as little as 44 calories. Tomatoes are also filled with water, and help to increase the feeling of satiety when you eat.

There are lots of other fruits and other classes of foods that have a very high vitamin C content, but the ones in this article are particularly high in vitamin C, are commonly found, and easy to prepare in a number of ways.

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