Top 7 Mistakes People Make When They Want To Lose Weight

7 Mistakes People Make When They Want To Lose WeightThere is no quick fix to losing weight and because most people don’t like the rigorous activity that goes with the weight loss process, the easier route seems like the ideal way to go.

Going in this direction tend to cause all manner of chaos, not only do we not achieve our goals of losing weight, we cause double or triple harm to our body by the risks we took.

The way you are is because of a lifestyle you have and the foremost important goal is to remember that in order to lose weight effectively, your lifestyle has to change.

Knowing this, some people tend to do a lot of mistakes when trying to lose weight, here are a few mistakes to avoid when embarking on a weight loss journey;

1. Extreme calorie restriction

The first major idea that pops in an individual’s head about losing weight is first they need to cut down on what they eat. Why this is important, it is also important not all healthy foods are low in calories.

You can eat as much as you like and still lose weight if you know how. The mistake about this is, low calorie hampers on your will power, by the time you start for a few days, you become extremely hungry craving your old foods and causing you to eat more than before, causing an imbalance in your body system and affecting your metabolism rate.

The situation is twice the trouble in one mistake you did.  You don’t cut your foods and start on a calorie diet, you plan it and, make sure you have a proper balanced diet for every meal of the day.

Changing eating habit takes serious planning.

2. Elimination of a food type

Another mistake is that  people tend to cut down one food type because they might have “heard” that it helps cut down the weight, example; eating carbs is the reason for weigh gain, and this individual cuts everything  carbs out of their diet.

What you don’t know is carbohydrate is an essential nutrient in the area of energy gain.

Your body needs all the basic nutrient in the food groups and cutting any would not help, rather focus on eating smaller portion than your usual intake. You just have to be moderate about every food you eat.

3. Working out properly

There is a difference between working hard and working smart.

You might be working hard and not target the necessary areas during your workout, or you might not know the right exercise for what, thereby causing you to do intensive training, what you don’t know is you might get hurt, be burnt out, practically exhausted….for nothing.

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You might not be in your best shape and feel your best causing you to accept defeat when you don’t see the results you were looking for.

You need an experienced personal trainer, one that guide you and push you on doing the right type of exercise and the right number of times you are to do so.

4. Treating fat like the plague

Fat has become the be all and end all of all weight loss process. “It has to be the fat”, “the fat needs to go” etc. you need the fat in your body, it gives the food you eat staying power, they help you feel full, if not you will find yourself consuming more than normal.

There are healthy fat to consume, research on these and incorporate them in your diet.

You can ask your nutritionist to guide you in this process.

5. Expecting too much too soon.

Naturally, our body is programmed to fight weight loss and instead store up food for the long haul.

Whilst it may take a few pounds to appear overnight, it sure takes a while for the portion to go away.

When you put deadlines on when to see results and you don’t see them, discouragement creeps in and most times the purpose is defeated.

Except you are in a show like the biggest looser, whereby a date is a date to lose weight, you will find out doing it on your own is much harder and you will need patience, dedication and time to achieve your goals.

Don’t put unrealistic goals to guide you, instead work hard and smart and diligently. You will see eventually see your desired results.

6. Taking extreme measures

Taking extreme measures ruins your weight loss process. You don’t go cutting off food habits, drinking methods etc. it is a gradual process. It is about changing little by little.

You can either start by incorporating more water to your diet than soda or any of those sugared drinks, waking early to train, eating a light sandwich instead of morning feast you engage yourself on.

Little changes are the secrets to effect weight loss.

7. Not eating before you work out

Before working out you need energy to propel you, to make you work out better, you do not not want to feel dizzy or nauseous or weak during a workout due to the fact that your calories are very low.

Eating well will promote a very good workout session thus helping you burn more calories, building lean muscles and the likes.

Eat not indulge before your work out session and carry loads of water with you too.

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