Top 7 Reasons to Go Vegetarian

Maybe you’ve being asking questions about the other kind of eating diets that you are not so comfortable with and you desire a change. It is perfectly alright to change routes without hurting friends and family who might be wondering or hurt why you decided to change food health styles (some tend to go to the extent of not liking their food, that’s why they changed). If you are looking for reasons to help you explain to your love ones why you want to change, here are a few reasons you can justify yourself.

Lowers the risk of disease

Eating loads of vegetables will improve your heart health. Heart diseases like cancer, high blood pressure diabetes, stroke etc. can be reduced when one embraces eating vegetables. Since you want to be conscious about your health and you are taking a big move towards this, this reason should fit quite well.


A study published from the British Medical Journal found out that vegetarians tend to outlive meat eaters by 6 years.


Another reason could be the way humans treated animals and then slaughtered them for meat. If you are one that is compassionate about animals, then you can decide to make a stand. Lay out the ways that affects you, be it as animals that are raised in overcrowded space, artificially breeding, keeping them separate from their young ones or the prevention of air or sunlight. In some cases, they are forcefully fed to be killed and the manner of killing can be very hurtful. This reason can help one explain your change of allegiance.

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Save the wilderness

To produce meat, requires huge vast lands, water and energy. All these can lead to loss of natural habitat, erosion, pollution from animal waste and pesticides, and since you believe in your cause for the wilderness, this is a good reason to go vegetarian.

Ocean love

The ocean could also be a reason for you quitting eating meats. Leading to the issue that the oceans are over-fished, coral reefs are being destroyed and some rare sea species are threatened, leading to the extinction of many kinds of fish.

Expand your taste horizons

This also can be another opportunity for you to embrace a different kind of eating lifestyle. Naturally, vegetarian meals can be diverse and very delicious. Plus they are fast and easy to make. Changing for the sake of tasting new things can work as well.

Less work

Trust me, no one likes doing the dishes, and the reason is all the greasiness and other moisture involved. With vegetables, there is nothing like that, as doing dishes becomes fast, simple and fun.

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