Top 8 World’s Best Marathon

Top Marathons in the World You Can Take Part In 1

Do you love running? Ever thought about going pro? Why not take your love of running international?  Perhaps you are already thinking about tackling a 26.2-mile feat of endurance? In order to successfully complete a marathon, a reasonable amount of determination and commitment to months and sometimes even years of training has to be put in place.

Have you ever thought about the sense of accomplishment you’ll get as you cross that finish line? It will be unspeakably overwhelming. If you are in need of tips to start training and planning, then you need motivation. Good thing you are here, because we have compiled for you 10 of the world’s best marathons to help you achieve your goals.

1. Boston Marathon (April)

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous marathons for runners worldwide and also one of the oldest. Inspired by the revival of the marathon in the 1896 Olympics, the first Boston Marathon was run in 1897. With many famous landmarks and a big-city finish, the Boston Marathon offers a downhill course you’ll definitely love.

2. Athen Authentic Marathon (November)

The Athens Authentic Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events in the whole of Greece. Following the course of the original 26.2-mile run from the ancient city of Marathon to Athens by the Greek soldier Pheidippides in 490 BC, the race takes runners through the scenic hills of Athens on the same route taken in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

3. Marine Corps Marathon (April)

Also known as The People’s Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon is one of the largest races in the US that doesn’t offer prize money to winners. However, the race prides itself as a “celebration of every finisher’s honor, courage and commitment to training for, and completing, the MCM.

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4. Great Wall Marathon (May)

First run in 1999, and viewed as one of the toughest marathons in the world, the Great Wall Marathon challenges runners to climb more than 5,164 steps of the Great Wall, and finish by running through Chinese villages.

5. Dublin Marathon (October)

According to research, runners participating in the Dublin Marathon run a largely flat, scenic course through Dublin’s City Centre. The Irish climate provides cool temperatures — 53 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit — for the October event, which has been run since 1980.

6. Rome Marathon (April)

Check out the Roma Marathon that takes you all over the city and past nearly all of the city’s historic sites. Starting at the Via dei Fori Imperiali near the Coliseum, passing the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Saint Peter’s – this course is relatively flat though you will have to contend with cobblestone streets for much of the race.

7. Tokyo Marathon (February)

Runners will pass the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Station (just to name a few landmarks) all while taking in both the historic sites of Japan and some of its newer attractions and buildings.

8. Great Ocean Road Marathon (May)

Running along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, you’ll come across visually stunning views of Australia’s Southern Ocean, enough to make you forget your legs are becoming tired or at least enough to make it bearable.

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