Track your Fitness and Daily Activity

Track your Fitness and Daily Activity 1

The human body cannot have the same approach to life every single day. There are times when you sleep longer than usual, when you are more productive at work, or more active throughout the day. Sometimes, you may wonder how long you jogged or ran or how much time you spent being productive all through the day.

There are times when you want to make a particular memorable day a template for another, but how do you do that if you can’t remember how exactly the day went? This is where keeping track of your day becomes so important. Technology has made things easier that you can easily track many things with your phone. Keep reading to find out how:

1. Apps that track a bit everything

The “FitBit Flex” and “JawBone UP” are two great apps that help to track food intake, activity levels, and sleep—which happens to be one core component of essential health that should be taken care of. The sensors log the heart rate and activity throughout the day, and at night, they record sleeping patterns.

These apps also record what you eat, and calculate the number of calories you take all through the day. These two are your great bets.

2. Apps that track exercise and activity

Exercise helps to improve the health and reduce the risk of many health defects; this is why many health professionals will advice you to work out for at least 30 minutes daily. To keep up with your fitness goals for how much you should work out all day, you will need apps like “Runkeeper” with a lot of special features that will make your exercise enjoyable.

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You can also opt for “Running by Gyroscope” that lays a map of your run over a photo you take in the process. One other interesting app you may want to consider is the “strava” that tracks both running and cycling.

Other apps like “MapMyRide” and “Nike + Fuel” can be used for cycling, while “MapMyFitness” app helps effectively for hiking, walking, and other exercises that aren’t too strenuous.

3. Apps that track your meals

Fitness isn’t complete only with exercise; food plays a very important role in it too. There are great apps that can help to record what you eat on a daily basis, and will let you know the amount of calories consumed. As a beginner, you can try out the “Lark” app which happens to be a friendly chat-like app. Other important apps that you may be interested in are “Lifesum” and “Noom:”.

4. Apps that track your sleep

To maintain proper health, it is important that you get adequate sleep and do so at the right time. This helps to keep the immune system balanced, and maintain cognitive function. “Beddit” is an app you will like to try, as all you need to do is to let it know when you go to bed each night. This app will detect your respiration and heart rate, to record how well you are sleeping. You can also try out “Sleepio” an advanced app for sleeping, with personalized coaching features.

All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection, and you can keep track of some important things you do daily that contributes to your health, and thereby plan your healthy lifestyle better.

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