Train Like a Professional Football Player With These Sandbag Moves

To train like a professional football player, you have to train really hard, as football is one of the most intense, powerful and hard-hitting sports in existence. There are various different training methods for footballers, and sandbag training has been frequently used for strength, power and stability training, as they hit angles and positions that other implements won’t let you. Below are some sandbag moves to help you train like a professional football player.

1. Power snatch

To do this, hold the sandbag by the snatch-grip handles and keep it close to your body. Hinge forward at your hips, with your arms locked, then explosively pull the sandbag upward along your body like you’re trying to jump the weight overhead. Rotate the sandbag around as quickly as you can, and absorb the weight overhead. Ensure that the weight doesn’t pull you back, but rather, pushes you forward. Rotate the sandbag to the front and lower it down. Repeat.

2. Front-loaded squats

To do this, clean the sandbag into the front-loaded position, and position your elbows like you are trying to protect your ribs. Pull the weight into your body, to avoid your upper or lower back rounding. When you get to the bottom position, drive your elbows upward and ascend it back to the top, quickly, without locking your knees.

3. Overhand rows

To do this, hold the snatch-grip handles, with your palms facing your body, then deadlift the weight up and slowly slide the sandbag down along your body so that your trunk is parallel to the ground. Now, pull the weight toward your body, slowly, with your shoulder blades squeezed, and then focus on the lowering face by aiming for a few seconds to return the sandbags to the start.

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4. Bicep curls

To do this, grab the snatch-grip handles with your palms face-up, then stand upright and push through your heels to activate your heels and trunk. Hold your shoulders back and curl the weight upward, and brace your core to avoid any back or shoulder movement. Maintain the pose for a while, then slowly lower the weight back down while in the same posture.

With these moves, you can train like a professional football player.

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