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There a lot of write up’s on the internet on cardio workouts, so let’s just cut to the chase and introduce you to the best method. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best method for a cardio workout, and yields proven results in much less time than other techniques.

What is a good HIIT  Routine?

It comprises of cardio exercises that wear out the entire body all at once. These workouts are not easy, this is a good thing, as your cardiovascular system will be forced to increase its capacity.

Here are some combined exercises found in HIIT:

  • Track combo: exercises like jogging, sprinting, and walking individually are very beneficial to your cardiovascular system and assist in burning calories. You can combine them to form a circuit training routine where you perform each exercise for a short while and then quickly move on to the next one, with a very short break in between.
  • Tabata high-intensity cardio workout: this workout comprises of any exercise performed over a 4 minute period with a 20 second on, 20 second off exercise pattern.
  • The living room blaster: one of the most fun workouts you do that you even have no idea how effective it is. Turn off your tv, turn on high tempo music and dance as hard as you can.


  • HIIT workouts increase the steady state metabolism of your body; that is, your body still undergoes the process of fat burning even after you’re done with exercise.
  • If you’re into lean muscle building, try this and you would notice an increase in the rate of muscle growth you experience, due to higher secretions of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • HIIT burns body fat more than normal workouts, so if you want to get fit fast, then this method will worh great for you.
  • Finally, we must not forget about the cardiovascular benefits. HIIT,  like all cardio, is great for the heart and lungs, and comes along with additional benefits.
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Remember, for this HIIT workouts to function well, you have give it your full effort.



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