How to Tweak Your Snacks to Make Them Healthy

If you’re having issues stopping yourself from taking those sweet snacks that you know are not helping your eating a healthy food goals. Guess what, you don’t have to be discouraged.

You can tweak this unhealthy snacks and make them healthy. The snacks are unhealthy because of what they contain so, you might just add some vegetables to them. This will add some healthy contents to the snacks. Some vegetables even makes the snacks tastier, like pumpkin or lettuce etc. Here are some tips on vegetables you can add to certain snacks.

1. White potatoes

White potatoes contain a lot of potassium and you should add the skin, you will be getting fiber also. Further, potatoes have plenty of carbohydrates to offer, hence providing you with energy for your exercise.

When making your desert you can mash some potatoes with a small amount of fat-free milk, of course don’t add butter or salt to your mashed potatoes. When making bread or cake you can swap a half cup of mashed potatoes with that of a quarter cup of flour plus, a quarter cup of milk or butter.

2. Carrots

This is one of the best source of beta carotene, which is a Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential as it aids in the maintenance of your sight, boosts your immune system as well. It will also helps with increasing your strength and physical performance for older adults.

Grate raw carrots and mix into any batter of your choice such as cookies, quick breads, muffins, brownies and even cakes. Note though that, whatever batter you use should bake for at least for 30 minutes. This way the carrot gets to soften and remember when trying this for the first time, you should use at least half a cup of grate carrot. You can increase the amount of carrot next time.

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3. Pumpkin

This vegetable is also rich in Vitamin A and adds a lot of health profit’s to your life. It has been revealed through research that it has anti-inflammatory, anti- carcinogenic and anti-diabetic qualities as well.

The pumpkin puree can swapped for a quarter cup of butter when making cakes, brownies, cookies or quick breads in order to cut bad fats. You can also use it to make a veggie-fruit smoothie rather than just a fruit smoothie. All you need to do is add about 5 spoons of your pumpkin puree to the fruit and blend.

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