Use These 7 Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can affect anyone at some points in their lives; perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy, or you are dealing with arthritis- whatever the cause may be, there are simple yet effective remedies you can try at home to help relieve your pain and improve your back health.

Here are few remedies you can use to manage your lower back pain at home.

  1. Oil Therapy

Heat up 4 tablespoons of mustard /sesame/ coconut oil, and fry 7-10 cloves of garlic till they turn light brown, strain the oil, allow it to cool and massage this oil on your lower back, repeat this therapy for 15 days to get effective results.

Another option is to massage your lower back with warm castor oil to help relieve the pain.

  1. Use Cold Therapy

Ice is the best therapy in the first 24-48 hours after an injury because it reduces inflammation and speeds up your healing process, so take some ice cubes, wrap them in a plastic bag and place it on your lower back for about 20 minutes for relief.

  1. Heat Therapy

Put heating pad or hot packs on your back for 18-20 minutes, you can also take a hot shower or soak yourself in a hot tub- for best results, you can add Epsom salt to the hot water tub as this will help stimulate the flow of blood to the affected area and slow down nerve impulses, thus reducing the pain.

Note that if you are pregnant, you should avoid hot bath for long as it is associated with miscarriages and birth defects.

  1. Use Cabbage Leaves

This is one of the best remedies for lower back pain, you can use this remedy by putting cabbage leaves in boiling milk, boil until a paste is formed and then drape the paste into a clean cloth, apply this on your back for a soothing relief.

  1. Don’t Stop Moving

Don’t stop doing your regular activities; make the beds, go to work, walk the dog etc. once you are feeling better, make sure you are involved in regular physical activity for a good back health.

  1. Stretch

You can find relief from your back pain by doing regular stretching routine like yoga- avoid sitting in your chair all day, always get up to stretch your back and legs.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

It’s important to get sound sleep because poor sleep can worsen your backache, if you are suffering from sleep disorders, use relaxation techniques, consume the correct foods and cut back on caffeine.

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Please do consult your physician for your lower back pain to find out what might be the cause and its treatment.

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