How to Use Yoga to Stay Healthy

A constant drill of yoga poses aids in keeping you in good physical shape and feeling younger. It keeps your weight in check and offers an energized body with a relaxed state of mind. For that reason, making yoga part of your weekly or daily routine will help you stay in good shape – both physically and mentally.

Understand the importance of taking care of your health

Mental stress and obesity happens to be two of the most common factors that are affecting the lives of people across the globe. The significance of keeping your weight under control and continuing stress-free can’t be over-highlighted. Some of the most common health conditions associated with obesity include diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions and high cholesterol levels.

Try the chair pose

This pose targets the muscles between your ribs, in so doing, increasing your lung capacity. The chair pose is quite tough and challenging, so doing it will require determination and focus to get successful results.

  • Stand straight with your feet approximately a half-foot apart.
  • Squat into a sitting posture – your thighs should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Raise your arms straight up, placing your palms against each other. Your upper arms should be close to your ears.
  • Remain in this pose for 30 seconds before you return to the starting position.

Do standing forward bend pose

Standing forward bend pose is an outstanding pose that works at calming your brain and relieving stress. It kindles the root chakra, which is found at the base of the spine.  The root chakra is linked with vigorous energy.

  • Stand up straight with your feet together and your hands by your sides.
  • Lift your arms over your head and slowly bend backwards without bending your knees. Inhale slowly as you bend backwards.
  • With a slow exhalation, bend forward at your waist to place your palms by your feet.
  • Bring your forehead as close to your knees as possible.
  • Remain in this pose for 20 seconds before slowly lifting yourself up to return to the starting position.
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Try downward facing dog

Downward facing dog pose aims at stretching and firming up your spine, along with your legs and arms. Doing the pose constantly aids in helping you evaluate how well you balance and helps to get you equipped for harder poses where you need to balance on your arms and legs.

  • Go on all fours on your mat. Keep your hands and thighs straight.
  • Pressing your palms firmly into the mat, lift your knees off the floor.
  • Now, lift your hips, placing your feet on the floor. You should now resemble an inverted ‘V’.
  • Remain in this pose for 20 seconds before returning to the starting position.

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