Ways to Fight Stress

Everyone becomes stressed at one point or another because of daily activities. But what could actually be stressful for one person may not be stressful for another. Everyone has a unique way of responding to dangers or different situations in life. For example: an individual who is attacked by another could decide to flee, but another individual faced with similar circumstance may choose to stand and fight. Individuals respond to stress in different ways.

Stress is one’s way of responding to threatening or demanding situations. Small doses of stress are not really bad as it can contribute in one’s performance when under pressure and can motivate as well in most situations. But when one continues feeling stressed all the time – making it a daily habit, it then becomes harmful to the body. The brain always responds to whatever condition one places it in, whether it is physical threat, a large workload or some imagined situations, they all affect the brain and can increase stress levels.

Note: stress can help one to face challenges. It may also help one to keep up with activities or reach deadlines and can help in sharpening one’s concentration during performance or presentation.

Fight or flight response is how the brain activates hormones to deal with demanding or threatening situations when the body is stressed up and when an individual comes across activities that makes them feel stressed.

There are some common things in our society that causes stress in the human body and these things are called stressors. Some common examples of stressors in today’s society are:

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1. Divorce
2. Job loss
3. Retirement
4. Marriage
5. Imprisonment
6. Work or school
7. Financial problems
8. Death of a close family member
9. Illness
10. Death of a spouse

Signs of stress

The most dangerous thing about stress is how it slowly and easily eats into a person’s life, until it gradually become normal and acceptable. Maybe as a habit, that is why it is very important to watch our daily habits. There are some common factors that always show up when one is stressed and depressed. These are:

• Feeling of sadness
• Depression and anxiety
• Poor judgment
• Seeing only the negative side of things
• Constant feeling of worry and anger
• Moodiness or irritability
• Frequent colds
• Dizziness
• Pains and aches

Quick ways to Manage stress

• Eat a healthy diet.
• Exercise daily.
• Do things that you genuinely enjoy.
• Avoid being around negative people.
• Avoid negative self talk.
• Get a good nights sleep.
• Share your thought and problems with friends and family members.

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