Why Did My Weight Go Down But Body Fat Go Higher?

Why Did My Weight Go Down but Body Fat Went Higher 1

Weight loss is very important as it helps to keep the health stabilized and reduce certain health complications, but it sometimes goes wrong as some people end up having a higher body fat percentage than they started with. In the bid to lose fat, some people end up losing muscle mass, and it all depends on the kind of routine followed. There’s a need to create a balance to achieve you aim; while you change your diet, you should also incorporate the right exercises. So, if not done in the right way, there is a high tendency that your body fat goes higher and your weight go down.

You must know that not just any random exercise would work in this case, but the right ones, and a perfect example is resistance-training workouts. These will help to limit how much muscle mass you lose and the loss will be mainly from your body fat.

Have resistance-training workouts at least twice in a week with about 8-12 repetitions of 10 to 12 exercises. The exercises should focus on major muscle groups like the chest, abs, legs, and arms. However, you shouldn’t do resistance-training workouts on consecutive days; let your muscles recover before doing some more.

One effective way to have an excellent weight loss routine is by including a high-protein diet. With low-carbs and high-protein, you will lose little or no muscle mass, but rather body fat.

However, cardio exercises have been proven effective in weight loss. With 300 minutes of moderate-intensity or 150 minutes vigorous cardio workout in a week, you will benefit more.

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