Why You should Never Over Exercise

Over excercising is not good for you

Can You Over-Exercise? ”

Going to the gym and working out plays a critical role in healthy living.  It is proven regular exercise with planned eating not only makes your body healthy but also makes your mind alert. In moderation; it is all well and there is no doubt, reqular excercise is good for your mind and body.  In excess, it can actually work against you.  When you over-excercise without rest, you can easily injure yourself.

This is one of the resason you must know and listen to your body.  Have you ever asked yourself, What are the signs of overexercising? You might think about whether your exercise workout leaves you fatigue or energized. If you feel that you need a nap afterward” you may want to slow down some. In addition if your legs feel heavy afterward your muscles or arms may have not had enough time to recharge.

I know that after I walk for about an hour ” I feel really good. I initially started walking 20 minutes and increased it to an hour or sometimes 2 hours when I am feeling really good. Physically I feel great afterward. I can safely say that I do not overexercise.

Over training may depend on your level of conditioning.  You could just take an extra aerobic class and that might just be one too many for you. In addition” consider giving your body some down time. Remember your body is not a machine. Even a machine does have down time.

If your muscles stay sore for days at a time you could be overdoing your exercise routine. Get your body to get used to the intensity level and increase it with time.  Don’t look at others around you and try to compete, in-time all things are possible.  Also  did you know that one of the major benefits of highly intense exercise is that it it allows your body to produce the human growth hormone.  Once you become fit  and your body is conditioned to higher intensity, the natural growth hormones will help you increase muscles.

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Remember, there is a new wave of thought, which says, “less is better”. Start with less and your body will indicate to your when you should move to the next level.  Even 30 minutes a day of moderate physical exercise helps prevent diabetes high blood pressure  and much more.

Did you know that over exercising can even weaken your immune system? If you over-train too long it can take months for your body to recover and you can put your health at risk. Balance is so important when exercising. When your body needs a break” be sure to give it.

According to Teen Web MD. ” 90% of women who have bulimia exercise to compensate for binge eating. Do you know someone that does this? In addition symptoms of exercise compulsion may include insomnia lethargy and fatigue. You always want to be careful of insomnia. Exercise overload may cause you sleeping problems.

So again be-careful and balance how much you are exercise – never over do it.

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