Wonder Diet That Helped Everyone Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Wonder Diet That Helped Everyone Lose 20 Pounds in 2 WeeksI am sharing this diet with you that may help lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. The diet is purely based on drinking lemon water every day for 2 weeks. At the end of the two weeks you are expected to lose up to 20 pounds. I have not tried this though I am very much tempted to give it a shot. I have some concerns about this diet because of too much consumption of lemon juice that might not be good for every one. I have heard of taking lemon water every day by squeezing half lemon in one cup of warm water. However this diet requires to drink much more than just one lemon and one glass of water.

Lemon water is used to improve digestive system as Citrus flavonoids found in lemon are good digestive tonic. Citrus flavonoids also help to suppress appetite. In other words lemon water act as digestive aid that also has abilities to suppress appetite. You body will digest the food better and at the same time lemon water helps to eat less which can lead to weight loss.

The following is the lemon water diet  that may help you to shed up to 20 pounds of body fat in 14 days.

First day – juice of 1 lemon and 1 cup water
Second day – 2 lemons and 2 cups water
Third Day – 3 lemons and 3 cups water
Fourth day – 4 lemons 4 cups water
Fifth day – 5 lemons and 5 cups water
Sixth day – 6 lemons and 6 cups water
Seventh day – 3 lemons and 10 cups water mixed with a teaspoon of honey and drink during the whole day
Eighth day – 6 lemons and 6 cups water
Ninth day – 5 lemons and 5 cups water
At the 10th day start reducing the amount of one lemon and a glass of water, to the 13th day when again re-take the juice of 1 lemon and 1 cup water.

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Meaning: At the 11th day take 4 lemons and 4 cups of water. At the 12th day take 3 lemons and 3 cups of water. At the 13th day take 1 lemon and 1 cup of water.

14th day – juice of 3 lemons and 10 cups of water and a teaspoon of honey and drink before breakfast as possible, and the rest during the day.

As I mentioned earlier, I have not tried it yet so it is not possible to say that if actually works. I would appreciate if you decide to try  this diet then share your experience with us. Also it is important to consult with your health care provider before starting this or any other diet program for weight loss because every diet may not be suitable for you.the diet that helped everyone lose weight lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks

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    1. No it is not just lemon water. You should chose healthy meals according to your general health condition.

    1. You start with drinking it first thing in morning and then you can use it through out the day possibly before eating meal.

    1. Eat salads ..fish chicken.turkey..tuna with veggies less m just enough to moist it low fat mayo in the blue label..and eggs i eat with salad..eat plain..lots of water with lemon and need more to drink ..water. this is what i do. I eorked in spec ed blding i do steps for 45 minutes then sit and eat..it will fill you up.. stay strong..

    1. That is an excellent question. I saw this drink some time ago and thinking to try it so I shared it here to gather inputs from those who have tried it.

      1. It works. As I have been drinking lemon water in mornings and through the day I have been doing so for 2 weeks now I have lost 11 pounds. That’s with healthy eating

    2. How many celebrities do commercials for products, do you think they use them, probably ,until the free samples run out, at least he was honest, and said he hasn’t tried it, he heard about it ,and you are free to try or not try. Free will.

  1. I tried this ‘lemon water for weight loss’ fad. By the 6th day I had developed ulcers inside my mouth from all the acid from the lemon juice and had constant diarrhea from the overdose of vitamin C. Guess how many pounds I had lost for all my trouble? 0.
    I agree with the other poster, if you’re going to go to the effort of blogging about a weight loss regimen, then I want to read about your experience with it and your results, not that you haven’t even tried it.

    1. I think it was a good idea to put it on to a blog to give people the opportunity to try it for themselves! ! Plus your honesty of admitting you haven’t tried the product shouldn’t go against you in my opinion. .. THERE are so many recommendations that people haven’t had the option to try however there not always honest enough to admit they haven’t tried the product… Also as a nutritionist whilst eating too many lemons can be problematic for one person – it doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on other people alike ….. If it has upset your bowels as much as you mentioned maybe that could be down to a lack of vitamin C.. Also as a nutritionist these fad diets of losing 20lbs in 2 weeks will go back on in weight 2 weeks…Admittedly more vitamins in your daily nutrition will aid benefit! – to lose weight simple drop your calories about 200 /300 on a daily basis with walking a minimum of 10/20 minutes daily – you will see improvement both on the scales and in your energy levels plus this way you won’t put the weight back on suddenly! ! I lost almost 8 stone in 18 months 10 years ago and have been a nutritionist and a personal trainer for many years. I lost the weight with my own knowledge and maintenance with my own will power and self motivation. …I’m happy to give free hints and tips if I can be of any help..

      1. Michelle Johnston

        Hi Sarah, I have been struggling with what to eat 🙁 If it was only me I’m sure it would be much easier. I won’t cook a meal for them & then for me, too much work.
        A healthy breakfast on the go?? A banana & peanut butter?
        Lunch I have no idea.
        I would love some hints & tips from you 🙂

        1. Peanut butter has a lot of fat and many options also have a good deal of sugar. I would suggest plain Greek yogurt and a little bit of fruit with it

        2. Hi Michelle! If you’d like some healthy suggestions, here are just a few that have worked for me as well as my mom. We make quick smoothies in the morning. One of our favorites is “Mean Green” and it has spinach, cucumber, mint, celery, ginger, green apple, and coconut water. It tastes great! Also aids in digestion. We started making a few other kinds of juices as well. They’re easy to make, quite filling and nutritious! I hope this helps. Good luck!

        3. I’m using the ketogenic diet. It’s awesome and goes against everything people tell you is right like low fat food. Low fat and no fat are horrendously bad for our bodies. I suggest you do some research on this and decide to yourself. I start my day wth a bulletproof coffee and it’s lovely. So far using the ketogenic diet I have lost 2kgs in 3 weeks with minimal exercise.

        4. My doctor told me to fix meals as usual, then put everything on my plate that I wanted–then put 1/2 of it back and no dessert. It’s all about portion size. Worked for me. I drink 1 T lemon juice in warm water every morning first thing….this gives your motabilizm a boost for the day. Walk 30 minutes each day. (Get a pedimoter and work up to 10,000 steps a day) I averaged losing 10 pounds a month. 4 months I met my goal…..then keep doing the same to maintain. I was 70 when I did this.

          1. Thanx so much I want also to loose weight and I don’t know what to do. The other weight loss products is expensive, I hope I will go for this one.

      2. I am 20byears old 5’7″ and now 202 pounds . I used to swimm and was 150lb. Any suggestions on how i can get to atleast 160 in a healthy and quick manner?

        1. Hi Kris, I have been using all natural products for the last year…I have lost 12 lbs and over 11 inches so far from the last time I took my measurements. There is no starving yourself, no meal replacements, no liquid food, I no longer crave sugar or carbs..which I used to really have a problem with..I didn’t change my eating habits or increase my exercise…the products change my desire to eat a lot of junk food…it is not a quick fix but it is more permanent results …if your interested…please email me..I will send you more info.

          1. Hi I’m very interested to hear what products you used/ recommend to help with the weight loss
            Kind regards

          2. I am very interested as well, because my main issue is junk food carbs so I need a better night time snack to fill my crunchy void.

          3. Hi Christine, I would really like to know what are the natural products you use. Been trying to lose weight forever!!! Have a wedding to attend in December, been exercising and trying to eat right as much as possible. This would really help speed things up. Please do let me know. Thanks ?

          4. Hi i am trying to loose 25 pounds and avoiding junk food..can you please recommend what natural products u using??

          5. Hi Christine…I really struggle to loose weight by my tummy and upper thighs.I have a rough bone structure which l must thank my late Dad.Have you any suggestions please.Kind regards.

        2. Hi, my name is Carmen
          I have been on the food lovers diet, or my version of it for 10 months. I have lost a total of 72 pounds. I try to stay away from packaged foods. Thanks to pinterest, I have learned how to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy, high protein snacks. Overnight oats, that I make up ahead of time, in mason jars are my go to breakfast. There are so many different ways to make them and if you make too many they can always be put in the blender with some fruit and ice as a breakfast smoothie.

        3. Losing quick isn’t good…cut back on meals, exercise daily…don’t get discouraged….try and get 10,000 steps a day. Your young, YOU can do this. I did at age 70. God bless you as you reach your goal. A good protein shake morning and evening, plus light meal at lunch, those boxed meals such as Smart Ones are perfect for noon meal. Have an apple for break and drink lots of water. If you do this you will lose more than 50 lbs….. God bless your effort !!!

          1. Actually the latest studies showed that people that lost weight quickly at the start of a healthy diet were able to stay on their extended diets and were able to keep the weight off longer than people who went slow and steady. It has to do with detoxing the body resetting your hormones (leptin, etc) and increased motivation.

      3. Good afternoon Sara:)
        I was wanting to know if grapefruit juice will affect my Meds I have MS and I really love the grapefruit diet to give me a boost but I’m scared that the juice will affect how my Meds work can you give me some advice on this plz thanks so much

        1. Callie,
          I’m a physician and can tell you not to take your medications with grapefruit juice or while eating grapefruit. Grapefruit juice is what is called a CYP-450 inhibitor, which means that it can lead to a build up of your medications in your body. You can still enjoy grapefruit just make sure you wait at least an hour before consuming grapefruit after taking your medications

          1. Thank you Doctor, for that classification, I thought because of the interaction you could never have grapefruit, good to know.

            If you are not sure about your drug interaction, please have your pharmacist run an interaction on all your drugs, or you can run it on your computer. Be safe, not sorry.

      4. I am now a mother of 2 and am having so much trouble this time around losing weight. Time is against me most days. I have tried many diets and they seem to always fail. I eat well and work out as I can but can’t seem to lose these last 20 lbs. Any ideas are appreciated!

        1. Hi Ashley! I have been using a regimin of all natural products for the last 6 months and have dramatically changed my body. I switched a few of my meals to a lighter fare and added these products. I would love to send you some information if you are interested <3

      5. I agree with Sarah! You were honest and said you hadn’t tried it! No one will try it unless they want to, so thanks for the post.

        1. Great, if you can make it through the taste, my daughter does it and gets good results, I just can’t drink it. One thing for sure, never drink it straight in a shot glass, and best to drink it through a straw, for your teeths sake! That might also be something to find out if the vinegar will interact with any medications.

      6. How kind of u. I just have a stone to lose been doing slimming world but it’s slow process I don’t think I eat enough.

        1. I recently read an article, if you have a large roller coaster around ,go ride it all day, 2 gentlemen did a short study on it, and it was breaking up the stones.

      7. I have lemon in my water everyday- all day. No weight loss from it but no problems either. It was just a whole lemon per day.

    2. There is no way that was an overdose of vitamin c…someone misinformed you. Perhaps you had a reaction to the lemon?

      1. The mouth ulcers were your body’s way of cleansing and so was the purging. If you are honest, once the purging stoped and the ulxcers healed you felt better right? Sometimes when your body is that toxic and you introduce a healing agent it has to find a wayz to flush the toxins. If those are the results I am definitely trying it and I will likely have the same result or worse but I will know that I am ridding myself of toxins and renewing my organs and getting an internal makeover. For good nutritional info go to internal makeover cleanse by Titi and jumpstart your life. She will help you live the life you long to have.

      2. Yes agree my dad was a big vitamin person & he always took way more vit C than recommended & always said u can’t overdose on vit c ur body will excrete whatever it doesn’t need – I started a few months ago using a lemon a day in my cool water throughout the day & 1/2 lemon in hot water first thing am before I ate or drank – to help boost metabolism & help clean out the colon – it seems to work for the colon part nothing drastic though like diarrhea – eating healthy for past few months can really slow the Bowels down & it was recommended to me by a yoga friend who studied something called Ayurveda

    3. I lost 72 pounds with just plain bottle water in 6 months, I had my regular foods just smaller portions. I had a glass of water before and after meals. I do squeeze half a lemon into room temperature water before breakfast. I’m good healthy and lots of energy at 54!!!

    4. I have a lemon tree, after juicing a 10 gallon bucket I was like I am going to enjoy this to ( I juice every year for my husbands yearly supply of lemons for his tea) so I started drinking one glass of lemon aide, yes I included sugar to taste, every night. here’s what we do, I juice the lemons . freeze them in ice trays fill a gallon ziplock bag of cubes, yields a year supply, when I make my drink I put 2-3 cubes in a ice tea glass and like I said sugar to taste, I started in November and by march I lost 40 lbs I hit a plateu for six months I started again now only one to two glasses a week. during the platue I never gained weight back, and ate what ever I wanted and drank soda. I started at 220 now am at 165 and counting. side affects, dry mouth, which made me thirsty which made me pee a lot! I did start getting yeast infections which I stopped until my body could get under control, I still get very thirsty and have the dry mouth and constant runs to any public restroom and plane rides put me by the restroom! but the pounds are falling off so I rather have these side affects than a heart attack from com chemical compound fad costing me 80.00 a month!

  2. I drink plenty of water and lemons here and there and I’ve lost plenty of weight by eating healthy and exercising. I have not followed this regimen but I agree if you have too many lemons it can become very acidic in your mouth. I’m not even sure that this is safe a hundred percent but whatever. We all know h20 good for us with a little bit of lemon. I think I’m just going to stick with what I’ve been doing. I m just drinking a lot of water with lemon here and there. These fad diets/gimmicks don’t
    work or they work short-term people! Healthy lifestyle is best..That’s the bottom line.

  3. I tried this “diet” and made it to the 5th day! 5 lemons and 5 cups of water first thing in the morning got the best if me.. LOL !!! I did it along with T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus DVD and list 4lbs!
    I continued the DVD for 9 days in a row but only did the lemon diet w/- 1 lemon to 1 cup of water until I ran out of lemons. I liked it but after day 4 it gets a tad icky. I would stick with just a single lemon and water fir the cleansing benefits.

    I think drinking water and lemon every morning before having breakfast is very good. I am doing a 2week detox week and every morning i drink water with lemon (half) and a bit of apple cider vinegar with a pinb of cinnamon and then go cycling and afterwards have my health breakfast followed by a very healthy meal day plus a green smoothie with chia and flax during the day to keep detoxing. Dinner no later than 7.30 and while watchin tv a nice infusion of chamomile tea and peppermint. No meat. Nothing cooked. Just raw salads boiled red beans or chickpeas and little fruit. It is working. A lot.
    I think water with lemon is great, but not 6 lemons that is way too much and the acid is gonna destroy ur teeth as well as your stomach!!!!

  5. This wil not work! I drink hot lemon water every day instead of coffee to help avoid and breakdown kidney stones. I have not lost any weight! There is no quick weight loss diet out there, changing your life style and eating healthy is the only way to do it

  6. Jackie Garbarino

    I read once that any fad diet is good because you can only stick to it for three days! lol

    I lost 75 pounds on Weight Watchers. They keep making it easier to follow every year, and you can do it at meetings or online. Good luck!

  7. I lost 15 lbs in 3 months. I do not use sugar, I do not drink whole milk- no dairy products, no butter-margarine, no sodas, no beef-pork, no fried food, no fast foods, no pies-cakes.
    I lost this weight trying to lower my LDL/total cholesterol and I did, very happy about that. I have about 11 point to go but now I know what to do so now I can continue to get it rite. Eat lots of vegetables and fresh fruits some chicken/fish and use olive oil sparingly. I drink almond milk and and i eat walnut and almonds daily. Oatmeal and cheerios for breakfast and sometimes for lunch.

    1. Hi Marilyn what milk do you use in cereal,i try have less sugar in tea n cereals now and then usually i have brown toast n scrambled egg or tea and biscuits or just weetabix,starting to miss linch as get busy with 2 babies,and have an evening meal

  8. I’ve been drinking lemon water for monthes with very little weight loss. The only benefit has been an improvement in my PH in stomach. If someone actually lises 20 pounds with this, its probably mostly water weight. This is NOT a magic formula to lose weight.

  9. I stayed off oil sugar salt meat fish. By now you should know what food you’ll be able to eat without salt. I was on fruits and water, not even vegetables and in two weeks, I lost 10 kg.

  10. Wow can’t get over how opinionated and ‘know it all’ some of these comments are, I really enjoyed reading your article and have a suggestion on the next …maybe something about people who have no respect for other people’s work and who are ultra confident typing hurtful comments yet probably not game enough in person. Hope you do well mate ??

  11. Losing weight quick is never healthy. But lemon water before every meal is a great way to help not over eat, which in turn will help you lose weight in a healthy manor. Plus, eating healthy foods also will help.

  12. If you have not tried this why would you even put it on this site. most of the time people have tried this weight loss and will let you know how everything worked out so why be so knowledgeable about it and try to help people go and try this type of diet if you were too ignorant enough not to try it yourself before letting other people know if it worked or

  13. I’m not sure about the weight loss effects of this, I have heard that a squeeze of lemon juice in a cup of hot water in the morn is a good way to get your digestion going. The problem with this is your poor teeth!! I am a dental professional and we see case after case of enamel erosion from acids in people’s diets, and that’s normal portions…..a squeeze of lemon in your tea, a soda now and again, a love of marinara sauce. 6 lemons in one day!!!!! You are asking for long term sensitivity and gross stained spots that will eventually lead to fillings. If anyone still thinks this is a good idea, please at least swish with water after you’ve drank all that acid.

  14. I am not a health fanatic and it is difficult for me to stick to anything healthy BUT I can tell you this! I have been drinking about a cup of warm to hot water with 1/2 of a lemon squeezed in it and honey to taste every morning for almost 2 weeks and I can tell a huge difference. Bloating has gone way down. Because of this I don’t feel so miserable and uncomfortable in my own body. And I look thinner too! I don’t know if I have lost weight but I look and feel like it (clothes are fitting better). I don’t eat as much now because I’m not hungry often. And my food digests better. Since I have a gut that is actually working, it let’s me know if I have consumed a food it does not like. So my body is telling me “No! Don’t eat that!”. My energy is up as well!

    Give it a try! No harm no foul, right?

  15. Losing 20lbs in 2 weeks is not a healthy way to lose weight. Plus it is all water weight you will be losing.
    I know everyone wants a quick fix. So do I. I have been struggling for years and you know what the problem is for people who say they can’t lose weight. It’s because they are lazy – that is why I have struggled for years.
    People want it quick and fast. They don’t want to put in the effort. So this is what I say, if you aren’t going to put the effort into eating healthy, 5 -6 small meals a day and some activity in your life. Then you aren’t going to lose the weight. It means get of your A@$ and actually do something about it. As for drinking lemon water – do so, enjoy it as a nice refreshing drink and for some added benefit – but don’t think this will make you lose 20lbs in 20days…you will need to eat nothing in order to do so and then gain it all back once you eat real food again.
    Just my two cents. Now I am going to get off my lazy A@$ and do something.
    Have a nice day.

  16. She was honest up front so if you tried it and it didn’t work or had issues that’s your own fault. No one made you do it but people are so eager to lose weight they try anything that they read.

  17. We all know how to lose weight. It’s not rocket science. It’s easy to eat the wrong food, it’s easy to eat too much of the wrong food and it’s easy to not get up from your backside and go excercise. All this equals get fat and moan that you need a miracle diet that’s quick and takes no effort.
    I’ve just turned 60 and kept the same Weight since I was 27 because the thought of being FAT stresses me. I’ve stopped smoking 18 months ago and 6 months ago found I had an under active thyroid. That’s a killer for weight gain. It’s hard to impossible to lose weight so after a 6lb weight gain decided to just stay fit and healthy. Diets are a multi million pound industry for suckers who want that instant weight loss. Come on guys we know how it’s done …,,just do it!

    1. Awesome!! Dana you said it right on target. It is true what Dana says if you want it then do it!! It is as simple as that but It takes commitment and persistence and the will to do it. You need to be hungry for it. I am in the same situation and I do not lose weight because I am too lazy but I don’t go trying anything because I know its all BS. The only way to do it and lose it is the will to do it.

  18. I was told to try this to lower my blood pressure and it worked. I take half a lemon and squeezed it in a cup of hot water morning and evening. As far as loosing weight I have also seen that it helps me maintain the weight I am at. ( Have lost 30 pounds )

  19. I like to slice up one lime and one lemon and add filtered water in my gallon size pitcher with spout and drink that throughout the day. I keep it in the fridge and usually fill it up a couple days in a row before putting a fresh lemon and lime in it.

  20. I just finished this detox yesterday! I am so very happy with the results!! It was so great I recommend it for everyone! I didn’t loose 20 lbs but I did loose 9 and to me that’s a great start! I didn’t have any side effects or feel anything weird while doing it but of course everyone’s body is different. Just wanted to share my experience and results! Good luck to all those who try it!!

  21. I’ve maintained my weight drinking lemon water and am at a healthy weight, so yes it definitely wouldn’t hurt. I put lemon and/ or lime in all my drinks (except coffee). It does something to prevent belly bloat and is a natural diuretic.

  22. I am over halfway through this diet. Observations: lemon juice corrodes teeth/gums (use a straw and rinse after/few times per day), using lemon juice from concentrate burned my throat (used mix of fresh lemons squeezed and lemon juice “not from concentrate”). I used this diet loosely and still lost 4 lbs so far. I also lost my sugar cravings & tendency to overeat. I am content with that and will finish it out. My first cup of lemon water every morning was warmed (sometimes with turmeric, sometimes with AC vinegar.) Will update in a week.

    1. Sorry so many people said mean things .Just cause you read something does not mean you have to try it .if you don’t think it’s for you don’t be mean just move on to other things I drink lemon water all day instead of soda .with honey or a little sugar . In the . Morning I drink lemon and ginger tea w/honey have a good day .

  23. I just drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning and another glass of plain warm water. Eat breakfast after 45 minutes. And 1 glass of warm water 30 mins b4 every meal. It will help you cleanse ur digestive system and also helps regulate your metabolism. And at night b4 bed time i drink another glass with honey. In the morning you will go to toilet and release the digested food you have eaten the other day. I ate what ever i want but i able to maintain my weight.

  24. I don’t think it is honest to post something that says in its title ” helps EVERYONE lose weight, when you don’t know if it helped ANYONE

  25. I used some all natural weight loss products, some exercise, and a few changes to my eating habits. So far I am down 141lbs.

  26. Some of these comments are ridiculous!! THIS is what the blogget said…..”I would appreciate if you decide to try this diet then share your experience with us”. Not once was it said you SHOULD try it. IF the blogger did suggest it, would that mean you should? THAT is up to you. If you are reading this you are a big boy/girl so YOU decide if its right for you and quit beating up the blogger who is only sharing the information. If you dont agree with what is said, simply move on. I for one WILL try this so thank you for the info!

  27. what a load of rubbish! it is impossible to lose 20lb of body fat that fast. if you actually manage to lose 20lb of weight, most of it will come from muscle tissue and fluid loss. And… you’d need to starve yourself and not eat any calories at all.

    This is insane, completely un-healthy and who ever prescribe it to another human is liable!

    1. ELI I am not saying that I have lost 20 lbs. yet as I have only a five days on the diet, but yes it is visible and I have lost five pounds between one doctor visit and another and you know their weight scales are pretty up to date and calibrated. Most of the weight has burned off around the waist, my pants fit better.

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