You Won’t Lose Weight Just by Wearing a Fitness Tracker

What are fitness trackers?

Everyone seems to be gradually becoming obsessed with fitness trackers these days. When you put on an apple watch or fitbit, you make people (and yourself), believe that you are careful about your fitness, but, you see the thing is you might actually be better off without it if weight loss is your goal.

Fitness trackers make you feel so comfortable that you end up sidelining your eating habits. You put all your faith in it and for this you adapt to a particular way of eating. For instance, let’s say someone who’s dieting without fitness tracker, you would notice they keep changing their diet as they progress from one stage of weight to another. So the speed for their weight loss changes, now let’s consider you wearing a fitness tracker, mostly you would try to reach the same goal as the day before and the gradually you get adapted to the same level of speed.

It motivates you to exercise

Another point to be noted is the fact that when you use the fitness tracker you tend to exercise more, when this happens, your level of appetite increases. However, this is all a typical stereotype as it’s a recent topic. Yet, it is quite important that you see the possibilities of this being true.

Although, previous studies carried out by John Jakicic and his colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh’s Physical Activity and Weight Management Center, were they aimed at knowing how the fitness trackers altered people’s weight?

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He took on two groups. One group involved people who had to exercise daily and give feedback reports online and the other one involved those wearing only the fitness tracker. After 18 months, he noticed the latter group weighed 4.5 kg more than the former group. He went further to deduce possible hypothesis which are in total sync with the points raised above.

Now, you may find this had to believe if you possess the current Apple Watch Series 2 because it focuses so heavily on fitness but it won’t hurt if you try losing weight for two months without it.

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