The Worst Exercises For Men In Their 20’s


Did you know there are exercises that could endanger your body? These exercises not only put you at risk of sustaining long term injuries, experts have revealed they could cause permanent damage to your body.

People in their 20’s should have fitness and health related goals which revolve around two main things: getting into (or staying) in shape, and avoiding injury. In this article, you’ll come across some of the worst exercises you can do, particularly for men in the transitional period of their 20’s.

1. Upright rows1

Rows are an extremely common lift, but if there is one variation you should drop from your routine, it’s the upright row. While you’ve probably done plenty of upright rows and been fine, the issue with this particular lift is that it can lead to ligament damage in your shoulders and wrists. If you end up with a bum shoulder, it could easily impact your ability to move and exercise for the rest of your life.

2. Box jumps2

Box jumps are about as simple and easy of an exercise as there is, but they are obviously dangerous. Jumping onto an elevated surface will always carry the risk of slipping and falling and you will need to be extra careful. eventually, though, no matter how careful you are, there is always the chance you will end up putting too much strain on your Achilles tendon, and hurting it.

3. Behind the neck pulls & presses3

You may have learned, at some point, to lift weights up and down behind the back of your head. Stop doing it. Forget all of it. By jutting your head forward to avoid bashing your head as you lower your arms during an overhead press for example, you’re straining your neck and shoulder muscle groups.

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4. Kipping pull-ups4

You’ve probably seen a person perform kipping pull-ups and you may have thought the motion looked awkward at best and outright dangerous at worst. Well that might be because it is, in many ways. Traditional pull-ups are a fantastic exercise that help you build almost every upper-body muscle you have. Kipping pull-ups, on the other hand, take some of the strain off your muscles, and transfer them to your ligaments and joints.

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