4 Great Night Snacks

It’s night and you are feeling bored, hungry and tired. You put on a movie to watch and want to grab something to eat, while watching it. But oops you remember that eating snacks is unhealthy for you and can also cause you to put on weight and you do not want to become fat. So what should you do now. Do you switch off the TV and go to bed hungry, or do you watch the TV with an empty stomach.

You see you have heard for so long that snacks are not really a healthy food for you. But I bet you have not heard that there are exceptions to this rule. That is what this article is for.

The following are four examples of healthy snacks that you can eat even at night.

1. Coconut mango cream

This food is a dessert best served cold. Packed with nutrients and minerals like vitamin C, pectin, it contains only 171 calories. Try to avoid those sold at supermarkets, that have been processed and instead make you to add a protein powder vegan option like brown rice, hemp, or pea.

2. Dark chocolate

There are different varieties of chocolate. While some are very unhealthy, others are very healthy, like dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is considered a super food by some nutritionists. It contains a whole variety of nutrients and minerals that provide enormous benefits for your health.You can eat this directly as a solid food or you can drink it in cocoa tea, especially those containing more than 70 percent cocoa content.

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3. Bcaa slushy

Slushy might be a child’s food, but it is great for adults also. To avoid chemicals and substances added to the processed ones, try the BCAA  branched chain amino acids version, which has no extra sugar added to it.

This food contains only 36 calories, with many benefits for the body, including stimulating better growth of muscles and reducing muscle soreness.

4. Strawberry and banana ice cream

There is nothing more exciting than eating a cold bowl of ice cream, especially before bedtime. But unfortunately the conventional varieties are laden with sugars and chemicals that hurt your body.

This option is much healthier. Just slice up a few bananas and place them in a bowl of strawberries, in the freezer until they are frozen. Remove and blend them together until you achieve an ice cream texture.

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