Chronic Syndrome Fatigue

Feeling excessively tired even after taking major steps to ease stress, like sleeping, relaxing etc can be as a result of the chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very disorienting illness, that affects our performance in our daily activities. Chronic fatigue syndrome is usually seen in people between 40 to 50 years, although research has shown that chronic fatigue syndrome is common in women than in men.

1. Characteristics of chronic syndrome fatigue

A person with chronic fatigue syndrome suffers generally from fatigue, that is tiring from any little work done. The fatigue suffered by the individual usually lasts for a very long time and has no clinically evaluated cause and still remains persistent even after measures to remove the stress has been applied.

2. Sore throat

Most of the time people with chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from persistent sore throat, that might constantly come back after treatments have been taken.

3. Cognitive dysfunction

People with chronic fatigue syndrome usually have problems with co-ordination and mental balance.

4. Headache

People with chronic fatigue syndrome usually suffer from constant headache, that continually come back after the short interval.

5. Causes

The possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome includes immunological defects, infectious agents, biopsychosocial, orthostatic intolerance or neurally mediated hypertension etc.

6. Treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t have any cure, instead it can be managed. Most of the methods for management usually includes sympathetic open approach systems, the management of the chronic fatigue syndrome is basically primary care from people around and family members.

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Some of the ways are given below to manage the chronic fatigue syndrome.

7. Complementary therapy

This type of therapy is used in managing chronic fatigue syndrome. It includes stretching therapies, massages, adopting relaxation techniques and toning exercise. The complementary therapy is usually used to aid in managing the pain that comes with some symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

8. Graded exercise therapy

This type of exercise usually starts from slow and increases as the exercise continues. Research has shown that graded exercise usually helps to manage the chronic fatigue syndrome.

9. Cognitive behavioral therapy

This therapy help the patient with his attitude towards things and help him to adopt new ways of seeing things.

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