3 Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

You have finally decided to workout and do all you can get the best results, but you have barely placed your feet on the ground, and suddenly you have had your first injury! This was definitely not the plan, so, what’s next?

Injuries are somewhat inevitable when you workout, but you definitely do not have to be injured all the time, when you can lessen your risk of getting injured easily. Getting injured will disturb your workout routine and prevent you from achieving your fitness goals when you should. Imagine having to care for injuries 75% of the time you should be spending working out! That’s not being productive.

Below are 3 ways you can avoid workout injuries:

1. Understand your body

Individuals vary from another, so it is very important that you know your body well and its limits. If you’ve got a persistent knee aches, then you probably shouldn’t decide to do any heave running or squats. Or you have a severe back pain that has to be taken care of, yet you try to engage in exercises that will only worsen the pain. Know what works for you, how flexible you can be, and the exercises to avoid at a particular period of time.

2. Don’t exercise too much early in the morning

The risk of injury is always high early in the morning, because blood circulation is at its worst. Later in the day, your heart rate is increased and there is proper blood circulation to your tendons and ligaments, and this will reduce the risk of common sprains or strains. If you would still like to workout extensively in the morning, ensure you had a good night rest, and also warm up your body before getting it to do a strenuous work.

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3. Ensure you breathe evenly as you exercise

Although it is required that you breathe evenly in some exercises like running, jogging, or cycling, but it is not same for every workout activity. For other anaerobic activities that will not normally stress your breathing, ensure you breathe consciously.

While breathing evenly will help to lessen your risk of injury, it is also important that you don’t hold your breath for too long, as it may increase your risk of injury from sub-optimal gas exchange, and there will be no efficient oxygenation of the blood but rather accumulation of carbon dioxide, which is toxic.

You can’t escape some injuries, but there are so many you can avoid, so why not just follow these few simple steps?

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