5 Best tips when weight loss diet fails you

This is what you do when diet fails you

If your goal is to try out a new weight loss diet, then there’s no point going down the old food pyramid. However, if you don’t want to fall into this weight loss trap, it may be wise to follow some of these ‘easy ways’ as advised by nutritionists.

One of the easiest ways to check that you’re having success with your weight loss diet is to start counting the number of pounds you have gained over the last few weeks. This will give you an idea of how much weight you’ve lost from the previous week and allow for comparison.

The next thing that you should do is go back to the doctor or dietitian and ask about what factors have contributed. These could be anything – for example, what are your personal dietary needs; what is on offer; or if you have any specific health concerns. They will know more than you will and advise accordingly on what you need to do and how best to progress with losing your weight.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of people struggle with eating a healthy weight loss diet, so it’s important to remember that this isn’t an all-or-nothing type of plan. There are plenty of foods and recipes you can make at home instead.

Some tips that might help you to get through these times are…

1 – Get rid of all those calorie-rich snacks (and other unhealthy choices)

If you’ve attempted to cut back on the quantity, you’re eating but still see yourself failing your weight loss goal, unhealthy substitutes (like chips or pizza), then you might be able to tempt yourself without even realizing it.

Studies show that reducing sugar in certain foods helps us feel fuller for longer and increases our satiation experience of our favourite foods – so it’s worth sticking with healthier alternatives like fruit and vegetables for snacks, especially now that we’re feeling hungry.

The key is to keep the calories you’re consuming in check, so aim to eat fewer snacks than you would usually make.

2 – Practice good sleep hygiene

This one is simple and obvious, don’t you think? But the truth is, we’re often guilty of letting things slip. We might think, ‘I’ll just eat something I love’, or ‘I’ll just have a chocolate bar’, but this is often the case when we’re struggling.

So, it’s worth making sure that every meal or snack gets your body the nutrients it needs and helps you to stay calm during the day so that you can have a good night sleep.

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Aim to stay away from alcohol for a couple of days, if possible. And avoid caffeine after 2 pm and 4 pm.

3 – Drink water

Don’t forget to drink water every time you start or stop your day and drink it whenever you feel yourself getting thirsty. Your body is constantly using water to flush out toxins and help them to operate properly, and while it helps us to function better, water also offers many other benefits.

Like being a great weight-loss tool, it keeps the skin clear and reduces cholesterol levels, controls blood pressure, improves metabolism, and regulates insulin levels, meaning less hunger and more energy.

Water is also beneficial for the immune system, giving you extra energy and strengthening your bones and joints.

Make sure you drink enough throughout the day – water can help us stay alert all day, even on weekends.

4 – Stay Hydrated

Water is also amazing for your skin which is why hydrating is vital for losing weight as well as keeping your skin clear and glowing; something that can seriously affect the way you look before you know it.

A lot of hydrating drinks include lemon and/or lime. Limes contain copper so that your body doesn’t dry out and dehydrate, and they contain vitamin C and Zinc, two minerals that help collagen production within a tissue.

Lemons also contain Vitamin B6, a mineral that helps to create collagen and elasticity within your skin, thus preventing breakouts and fine lines.

Keep a lid on your water bottles to make sure you don’t accidentally throw water everywhere and cause spills. Also, make sure you replace the drink in your kitchen every six months.

5 – Focus on your mind

Another obvious point to start is making sure to focus on your mind. Studies show that when we think about something else, we tend to become stressed out and distracted, meaning we end up eating less.

That is why making a habit of spending time in silence can help alleviate stress, which is another reason to give your mind some breathing time. Don’t let a busy day mean you haven’t got time to squeeze in a workout, especially if you’re tired, hungry, or stressed, and stay active at least once a day.

Making friends as a hobby will also help us to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time, although you shouldn’t count this as work, as it doesn’t make you much more attractive and you should never work out if you don’t want to lose weight.

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