4 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

Kettlebell exercises are great for relieving pains at joints, as they flex different joints. They also help to burn more calories than exercises that involve single moves.

Kettlebells are also good for all areas of fitness including endurance, strength and increasing power. They involve handling a kettle-like weight, hence their name.

The following are four easy kettlebells given that beginners can start with.

1. Kettlebell deadlifts

This workout routine works your glutes, enabling better mobility and walking, your back to relieve back pains and strengthen it and your hamstrings.

Stand with your feet wider than the width of your shoulders and lower down into a squat to pick up the kettlebell in front of you, with your feet turned outwards the whole time.

Quickly stand back up, keeping your back straight and your chest up, contracting your butt at the top, then returning back down the way you came until the kettlebell touches your feet.

Repeat nine more times to complete a set and then do two more sets.

2. Kettlebell swing

This kettlebell is maybe the most kettlebell exercise and it works on your hips and the muscles of your lower back.

Stand with your feet wider than the width of your shoulders and bend your hips to pick up the kettlebell from the floor in front of you, keeping your feet pointed outwards the whole time. Drive your hips back to the standing position, then swing the kettlebell forward (as your knees are bent), then allowing it to come back through your legs, swinging out again until your arms are straight and parallel with the ground. Repeat this nine more times to make a set and then do two more sets.

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3. Kettlebell squat thruster

This exercise works the muscles of your shoulders, hamstrings, thighs (quadriceps) and buttocks (glutes).

Hold a kettlebell in each hand and bring your fist (clenched around the handle) to your chin, squatting down, then exploding the kettlebells (now resting on the outside of your forearms) upwards and high into the air, when you come back up. Bring your hands back to your sides and repeat nine more times for a set, repeating two more sets.

4. Kettlebell one-arm high pull

Stand holding the kettlebell (hanging from the handles) with your left arm straight in front of you, then bend your knees slightly and jerk the kettlebell quickly through your middle till your hand is at the same level with your eye.


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