5 Foods That Could Be Making Your Joints Hurt

Arthritis (inflammation of the joint) keeps the body in an inflammatory state and the pain disturbs practical day-to-day activities. While it may be managed with exercise, medication and alternative medicines, what you eat also plays a large role. Some foods may increase inflammation and make the pain much worse, which will also increase the risk of developing other chronic health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Below are some foods that you should avoid if you want to improve the condition of your joints.

1. Tomatoes

Although tomatoes are known to be anti-inflammatory, recent studies have found that people who had gout (a form of arthritis) reported tomatoes as a trigger for the pain. On the other hand, people who did not have gout had increased levels of uric acid when they eat tomatoes, and worryingly, increased levels of uric acid is often the underlying cause of gout.

2. Sugar

You may crave sugar so much, but it actually worsens your joint pains. This is because processed sugars have been shown to trigger the release of cytokines (inflammatory messengers) according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Resisting your chocolate bars, pastries, deserts and sodas may be a little difficult, but you have to cut down on them to lessen the pain.

3. Salt and preservatives

Salt is good for your health when it is consumed in moderation, but an increased level of sodium in the body can increase inflammation in the airways and joints in the human body. The kidneys are unable to eliminate sodium fast enough when it is in excess, and this can cause it to accumulate in the blood stream and lead to other health defects like high blood pressure and increased inflammation, resulting from the pressure on the joints. It is always advisable to eat more home-made meals and less foods sold in stores. The preservatives used in those foods sold in stores contain a high level of sodium which isn’t good for your health.

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4. Conventional dairy products

The body creates histamines in people who are allergic or sensitive to dairy products when they eat them. Histamine triggers inflammation in the body to help fight infections, but when large quantities are consumed (especially for people who are allergic or sensitive), it will cause an overload of inflammation in the joints, causing extreme pain.

5. Saturated fats

Saturated fats have been shown to trigger adipose inflammation, which may be an indicator of heart disease and also worsens the inflammation in the joints. Some of the biggest sources of saturated fats are pizza, cheese, red meat and full-fat dairy products.

You don’t necessarily have to completely erase these meals from your diet, but you can and should cut down on the quantity you consume on a regular basis to lessen the chances of developing joint pains.

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