5 Ways to Change Your Running Routine

For athletes, it is sometimes boring doing the same routine of workouts over and over again. There should be this excitement to workout to improve your skill and one of the ways to make this happen is by incorporating varieties into your workouts. Below are some fun and challenging running workouts you may want to try.

1. Climb a ladder

Using a ladder in your workouts is a great way to challenge yourself more, compared to what your body is used to. Take breaks between your race, for example: you can run 200m, rest, then run 400m and rest, then run 600m and continue in this pattern.

You can try one of the following ladders:

Starter ladder

1600 meters, 1200 m, 800 m, 400 m.

Advanced ladder

1600 meters, 1200 m, 1000 m, 800 m, 600 m, 400 m, 200 m.

2. Stride right

Stride is when you walk or run with long steps, as if in a haste. Speed up your race as you run a repeat of 100 m until you reach about 95 percent of your maximum speed, which happens third way into the repeat, then decelerate to finish. You can repeat as many times as possible. This stretches the legs and help you feel the wind in your hair and is best done before the end of an easy run.

3. Get social

You can get along with other runners too and make a fun out of it. Hook up with friends or run with a group or club. This will help you learn new routes and also meet those who have passion for running as much as you do.

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4. Get stuck on repeats

Repeating sets with intervals for recovery might just be all you need. You can choose a distance or time period, like running 100 m for 15 seconds and you run hard. Then rest for a set period of time and repeat same thing over again, you can even do it faster than the last. While you do this, ensure you take your recovery periods as important as the repeat, go on the next repeat after you must have caught your breath enough to walk with ease.

5. Go climbing

While you run, you can also incorporate climbing into it. it’ll be best if you can plan a running route, that includes a few hills or a hill that requires a steep climb. This will challenge your aerobic fitness and improve your lung capacity. Incorporate one or more of these ideas into your running routine and enjoy your race.

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