Benefits of Honey Tea

Know what tea can do for you before going to the doctor. Notwithstanding the fact that warm tea with honey isn’t always a substitute for a prescription medicinal drug, it could briefly lessen bloodless and flu symptoms and assist lessen menstrual cramping. If symptoms ultimate for longer than every week, seek advice from a doctor for extra remedy.

1. Reduce menstrual cramps

Ingesting hot tea may also assist to lessen the ache and tightness inside the stomach associated with menstrual cramps, says Penny smart Budoff, M.D., writer of “No extra Menstrual Cramps” and different top news. Brew a cup of herbal tea, add honey to flavor and drink to assist blood growth float within the body, decreasing menstrual cramps.

Don’t drink a tea that includes caffeine, as this may exacerbate your menstrual cramps, making them even worse.

2. Calm a cough

Honey can be an effective cough suppressant, says the Mayo medical institution. Pour warm water into a mug, then upload an herbal teabag and a tsp. of honey. Sip the tea while breathing in the steam from the cup, so that it will assist to loosen congestion and tightness within the chest.

Honey will coat the throat, preventing inflammation which causes cough. Drink the mixture as essential to reducing cough. This treatment can be especially useful to suppress coughing before bedtime.

3. Soothe laryngitis

Drink hot natural tea with honey to help heal laryngitis and soothe signs, says otolaryngologist, Robert Feder, M.D. Staying hydrated, with natural tea, juice or water, will assist moisten and hydrate the vocal cords. Additionally, honey will coat the throat, soothing irritation. Inhale the steam rising from the mug of tea while sipping it slowly.

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Breathing in steam will help to moisten the vocal cords, so as to assist in accelerating recuperation time and temporarily reduce the symptoms of laryngitis.

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