7 Effective Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Not everyone has hours at hand to slave off in the gym in their quest to maintain a more attractive physical form. In fact it is not about the time but the form and the intensity of the exercises that eventually have the maximum effect on the outcome. We have compiled a list of seven exercises that are sure to facilitate a chiseled body while taking minimum time at the gym so you have more time to show off this beautiful piece of art that you have been working hard on.


You cannot miss out on this exercise if you plan on toning your legs and giving them that athletic look. You could start off with just your body weight and then later on add weights as you advance. Make sure that your lower back stays straight at all times and your knees never move ahead of the toes so that the tension stays within your glutes and legs instead of stressing your knee joints.


They target your leg muscles as well but are relatively more advanced as compared to regular squats. You need to maintain your balance as well as squeeze your hamstring on the negative portion of the movement. The key is to make sure that you do not let your knee move ahead of the toe at any point of the movement.


This will target your triceps and pectoral muscles. The movement is relatively simple and can be tried with slight variations to target specific portions of the pectorals.


This is a compound movement that will not only increase your overall strength but will also target your lower back, forearms, legs and almost every major muscle group in your body. Make sure that you lift with your legs and not your back to minimize the risk of injury.

Clean and Jerk

This exercise is a compound movement and targets your deltoids and helps strengthen your core. Start off with lower weights to improve your balance.


These target your core muscles and increase overall strength as well and should be done to failure for maximum results.

Ab Crunches

Almost everyone is familiar with the movement but it is extremely important that you do not curl your back or else you may suffer an injury. Try and keep the core activated throughout the movement for the best possible results.

The seven exercise listed above target every single sinew in the body either through isolation or compound movements and will without a doubt transform your body. You should vary your weight and repetitions and choose the program that produces the best results.

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