Preventing Your Cuticle Skin From Peeling

Dry, peeling cuticles can be quite painful and look unsightly. Fortuitously, this is one trouble you can resolve without too much time or effort, you just need to be prepared to give your palms a touch of TLC.

1. Get a hot wax remedy

If you’re able to purchase it, making an investment in a hot wax remedy at your nearby nail salon can work wonders for fingers, nails and cuticles.

In the course of a warm wax remedy, a special oily wax is melted down and applied to the fingers and fingertips. Then you may be requested to put on a pair of plastic gloves and region your fingers in a mitt.

2. Use petroleum jelly

In case you’re looking for a cheap but effective choice for moisturizing your cuticles, purchase a bathtub of petroleum jelly and rub a generous quantity into the cuticles each night time before bed.

Petroleum jelly will melt your cuticles and forestall them from peeling, However, it will be a little greasy for use at some stage in the day.

3. Try essential oils

Essential oils may be helpful in moisturizing your cuticles, whilst also smelling amazing! a number of the best ones are jojoba oil and orange oil, whilst tea tree oil is fantastic for clearing up any small infections.

4. In a pinch, use some lip balm

In case you’re out and about and your cuticles are bothering you, have a glance on your bag for a stick of lip balm and strive to rub a touch to your cuticles. It has to provide a few brief remedy till you get hold of a few hand cream.


5. Soak your fingertips in warm water

Soak your fingers in warm water, not boiling water, or you take a long bathtub. This may assist to soften the cuticles and any unfastened pores and skin. If you want, you can add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice or vinegar to the water, to exfoliate any useless pores and skin.

6. In no way cut your cuticles

Your cuticles are vital, they shield your nail’s boom matrix (the component the nails develop from) by using stopping any dust or microorganism from coming into. As an end result, you have to chorus from slicing your cuticles and switch to pushing them to lower back rather.

7. Often moisturize your cuticles

Frequently moisturizing your cuticles is one of the most critical steps in preventing your cuticles from peeling. You need to moisturize them at the least two times a day as soon as in the morning and as soon as at night.

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