How to Keep Healthy and Fit While Flying for Long Hours

In today’s article, I will showing some of the simplest things you can do and exercises you can engage in to stay fit, even while flying for long hours. Since you will be in an plane with limited space, must of the exercises may not really require a lot of movement patterns. In fact, you can even use them when you get stuck at the office for the entire day.

1. Foot lifts

Performing this exercise will help to increase blood circulation in your feet. You start by placing your soles firmly on the floor, then lift your toes from off the floor as high as you can.

Once you have done this, return to your starting position by placing both of your feet back on the floor, then pull up your heels while your toes and the ball of your feet remain on the floor. Keep repeating this exercise for 15-20 times.

2. Forward bends

Another simple exercise you can perform while flying is the forward bend move. You start by placing both of your feet on the floor, then pull in your abdomen and gently bend forward hold this position for 20 seconds, return to your starting position and repeat the exercise.

Performing this exercise in the right manner will help to ease up tension and pain in your lower back.

3. Knee to chest

This move can also be conveniently performed after the plane has taken off and you are in midair. So start by holding, folding your hands around one of your knees, bend forward a little bit and then while your hands are still wrapped around your knee, bring that knee towards your chest and hold for about 15 seconds. Drop the knee down and do the same thing with the other knee and also hold for the same duration of time. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times and rest.

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4. Stay hydrated

Another way to stay fit while flying that doesn’t necessarily require an exercise is to stay as hydrated as you can, throughout the course of your flight. Studies have shown that due to cabin pressure and other pseudo-atmospheric conditions in the flight, your skin becomes short of fluids, so be sure to have a cup of water as often as possible.

5. Upper-body Stretch

This move will help to stir blood circulation and also relieve tension in your upper body. Start by stretching your arms over your head, then use your left hand to hold your right wrist and gradually pull it towards your left, hold for 15 seconds and swap to the other arm.

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