Stretches That Can Help Reduce Leg Pain

Leg pain can mostly be from a problem in the lower spine, blood clots, poor circulation or injuries in the bones or muscles. However, there are some exercises that you can do to reduce the pain and help heal it. Some of these exercises are elaborated upon as follows:

1. Forward pigeon pose

To do this stretch you put your knees with all your fours on the floor, put your right leg up and move it forward to the floor right in front of you. Put your right foot in front of your right knee, and stay I that position.

Stretch out your left leg to your back on the floor, then the top of your foot should be on the ground as your toes point back, then shift your body slowly from your arms to your legs as it will support your body. One this has been done, you sit up straight with your hands by the sides of your legs.

Pause for a while, take a deep breath and lean on your upper body – forward on your leg to help support your body with your arms. You repeat this to your other side.

2. Sitting spinal stretch

It helps to reduce the problem on your spine and creates space in your spine to relieve the pressure on your leg.

Just sit on a mat with your legs straight in front and feet flexed upward, then bend your right knee over your left leg, that is flat on the floor, you will be in a leg cross sitting position, then put your elbow on the side of your right knee to support you, then turn your body right, you pause for about 40 seconds and repeat it again as you switch legs.

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3. Reclining pigeon pose

This pose mostly works on your hips and help lessen the pain on your knee

You lay on your back then you lift your right leg to an angle as you clasp your hands behind your thigh as you lock your fingers together to support you, then you lift your left leg an put it on your right ankle right on top of your right knee. Pause there for about 5 seconds and repeat the same your other leg.

4. Calf stretch

You place your leg forward, and your foot flat on the floor, then stretch your left leg back and place your heels on the floor, as you lean on the wall, push till you feel a stretch in your calf; then  change your leg and repeat the pose.

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