3 Comfort Foods That Are Very Healthy for You

Like most weight watchers out there, you have probably been warned to stay off comfort foods because they make you fat. Well there is some genuine wisdom in this, however, not all comfort foods will make you fat.

No one likes having to give up their favorite comfort food, it is called comfort food for a reason. But if your comfort food is making you fat, then it might be best if you give it up. Instead of giving up comfort foods entirely though, just let go of the unhealthy ones and replace them with these delicious and very healthy foods we’ll show you:

1. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the ultimate healthy, comfort food. When you’re down or feeling a little bit blue, or just craving some comfort food, you can’t go wrong with hot chocolate. The reason why this beverage is so good for you is because it contains very high quantities of antioxidants which combat the stress hormone cortisol.

Having high levels of cortisol in the body will encourage the retention of fat, so keeping your cortisol levels in check by drinking lots of hot chocolate is a good idea. Also, hot chocolate contains a good amount of carbohydrates and protein which is just the combination of nutrients that you need for your post-workout recovery.

2. Chicken soup

Pretty much everyone loves chicken soup and you might have heard that it is great for helping you beat the flu, this is because chicken soup is packed with protein and other healthy nutrients.

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There is another reason why chicken soup is the perfect comfort food. According to Rania Batayneh, MPH, nutritionist and author, “People who eat a broth- or vegetable-based soup before their meal, consume fewer calories overall”. This is probably because chicken soup has so much water in it and it makes you feel fuller when you eat it, reducing the likelihood that you’ll fill up on anything else which is likely to be unhealthy.

3. Coffee

Over the years coffee has acquired quite a bad rap mostly due to its high caffeine content. In excess amounts, coffee is not healthy for you but it must be stressed that in the right quantities, the benefits of coffee probably outweigh its risks.

In particular, as a comfort food, coffee will stimulate your brain and lift you out of depression and provide your body with an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid (CGA), which stimulates the use of fat as fuel for the body. Coffee also provides your body with energy to power you through your workouts and boost recovery in the hours after.

These three comfort foods are easy to make and very accessible–you probably already have them at home. They will help to improve your mood, provide vital nutrients, and keep you from getting fat.

Image Courtesy of: skinnymint.com, vancouvermom.ca.

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