The 3 Basic Exercises to Build a Workout

A lot of people feel they need a ton of equipment to get in a good workout, which is not exactly true. You can get a good workout without even visiting the gym at all or getting any equipment. Most gyms actually use some of these basic exercises as building blocks for other technical exercises, making it tougher and this includes the use of equipment. Therefore, it’s always best to learn the basics first before involving equipment. In the real sense, you can still get some great exercises with these basic moves that you probably think mean nothing.

Here are interestingly 3  basic exercises to build a workout.

1. Split squat

Split squats help challenge the butt, hips and thigh muscles, known as the glutes, quads, and calves. This helps to train your balance and strength at the same time, To do this, get yourself into a staggered stance, keeping your rear foot elevated and your front foot forward. With a dumbbell in each hand, hanging at the sides, descend with your knee and hip flexed to lower your body down. Go from a half-kneeling to a standing position. Keep repeating.

2. Single-arm half-kneeling


This helps to balance strength, stability, and mobility, as you will have to focus on one limb. It also helps to build the arms and shoulders and help maintain a proper posture. To do this, get in a half-kneeling position with a dumbbell at shoulder height in the same hand as the knee on the ground. Now, engage your glutes, with your stomach tight and press the weight overhead, with your arm locked out completely.

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3. Kettle-bell dead-lift

This exercise helps reinforce the proper position that will reduce the risk of injury in and out the gym when bending at the hips. It keeps the spine straight and drives the glutes back, which strengthens the hamstrings, glutes and back all at once if, done in the proper way.

To do this, stand with your feet a little narrower than your shoulders, with your toes facing forward. Place the bell outside your foot and inhale through your nose. Hinge at the hips and track your toes with knees, then reach for the bell and load your lats.


Most of the exercises you see in the gyms today all fall under these three basic exercises, seeing that the benefits of every other exercise in the gym can be achieved by doing these exercises aforementioned.

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