3 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Most people exercise because they want to maintain a healthy weight. To do this, you have to control your food intake and energy expenditure. Running is a great way to expend energy but many people have problems doing it.

However, there are other exercises that can help you burn more calories and are less stressful to perform. Here are 3 exercises that are more efficient at burning calories, than running .

1. Kettlebell Swing

This exercise works muscles in your back and leg region and can help you burn about 400 calories in 20 minutes, start with a standing position – with your feet at shoulder width-apart. Your knees should be slightly bent with both hands holding the kettlebell and placed between your legs.

While arching your back and pushing your hips backwards, swing the kettlebell forward and upwards. Assume a standing position as you do this. Let the kettlebell swing back down between your legs and then bend your hips and your knees slightly. Go back to your beginning position by extending your hips and knees before you start another rep.

2. Burpees

These are also known as squat thrusts, a type of exercise that helps you work most of the muscles in your body. This metabolism-boosting exercise can help you burn about 563 calories per hour.

You should start in a standing position with your arms by your sides and your feet placed hip-width apart. Then, bend down as if you’re getting into a squat position with your hands placed on the floor before you.

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Push yourself back like you’re going to do a press-up and lower your chest to the floor. Move your chest back up into a press-up position and push both of your feet forward in a squat position. Then jump up and put both of your hands above your head.

3. Swimming

Water has a greater resistance than air, so any activity you perform in it will help you burn a lot of calories. When you swim, your legs kick out, your trunk muscles contract and your arms move back and forth.

This exercise works on a number of muscles in your body; the number of calories you lose when swimming depends on the style you are using. The butterfly stroke is the most efficient at calorie burning, it helps you lose about 774 calories every hour. Then there is the freestyle and breaststroke, that can help you lose about 704 calories per hour.

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