3 Food Replacements That Will Remove 200 Calories a Day From Your Diet

3 Food Replacements That Will Remove 200 Calories a Day From Your Diet

You cannot hope to lose weight while you are still taking foods that are high in calorie content. Your sugar, carbohydrate and fats intake will have to reduce by a lot.

The following are three foods you can take in replacement of others that will reduce the amount of calories you take a day.

These foods that you will replace will cut out at least a 100 calories for a plate and if you put two or more together, you can save more than 200 calories from your diet.

1. Replace mayonnaise with greek yogurt

Instead of using mayonnaise as paste for your bread and as dip for other foods, use greek yogurt. Greek yogurt does not contain as much fat as mayonnaise and hence will not cause you to put on weight as much as mayonnaise does.

Greek yogurt also contains a lot less sodium or salt, that can cause cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, strokes, atherosclerosis and many others.

Greek yogurt also contains as much protein as eggs contain and as good proteins that egg contain. Eggs contain the best type of protein of any food on the planet that they have become the standard for measuring the protein contents of other foods.

2. Replace trail mix with popcorn

Trail mixes contain a ridiculous amount of sugars (up to 10 cubes a cup), pumping out a massive 700 calories a cup.

When considering how tasty they sometimes are, most people will not just stop with one cup, but will go on to have a second and more, pumping more calories into their system and ruining their weight loss scheme.

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Popcorn on the other hand contains only 35 calories a cup. A massive difference considering the fact that they can be eaten just as well on the same occasions and with less impact to health and weight loss.

Opt for one that does not contain added sugar or too much salt.

3. Replace regular burger with vegetable burger

By now, you should know that fast foods including vegetable burger are bad for your health. This is because they contain an insane amount of fat and calories and are high in salt and sodium.

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