3 Healthy Activities to Do Before Going to Bed

In regards to sleeping at night, many people like to look at their computer or play with their phones. This could actually affect your sleep time because, your sleep time is very important to your health.

There are some important healthy activity you can engage in this would make you fall as sleep faster, making you feel refreshed. By so doing, this could affect your mental and physical health.

Here are activities you can engage in, before you go to bed.

1. Stretch

After  a very stressful and hectic day, either driving or on a desk at work when you get back from your duties, before going to bed you need to stretch yourself as a result of the strenuous activity you might have done during the day.

Try stretching yourself and flex your body, this would help in stretching your body before you go to bed. Also, be very sensitive when it comes to your body. Try to know areas that do get stiff, after you notice such try to hold a stress or tension on that particular area. Do specific things to increase flexibility and range of motion in those areas before you go to bed.

2. Take a hot shower

Do something very relaxing before going to bed, such as a taking a very warm shower this helps to lower the level of stimulation and helps to get you very relaxed.

This helps to lower your body temperature, which would eventually help to signal to your brain that it’s time to slow down. This would make you feel very drowsy before you go to bed, making you feel very relaxed.

3. Meditate

Before going to bed trying focusing on peaceful images or an happy event that had happened during the day or play a lovely tune of a music you love so much. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal medicine found that mindfulness meditation can help fight insomnia and improve sleep.

If you find it to stay for 10 minute in a comfortable position breathing in to your belly, inhaling and exhaling slowly and steadily you would feel cool and get ready to sleep immediately.

Image Courtesy by: agelessangelstraining.com, mentalfloss.com

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