3 Interesting Crunches You Will Probably Love

Crunches are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. But they can be boring at times with only one movement involved. Before we continue, it is important to let you know, that crunches do not give you 6 packs as  commonly believed. They only build and strengthen ab muscles.

The following are three crunches that will most likely be exciting to you.

1. Conventional crunch

Before we explore other types of crunches, let us first get acquainted with the standard crunch and make sure you know how to do it properly. Lie down straight with your hands placed behind your head overlapping but not clasped together. Bend your knees upwards, then lift your head and shoulders lightly towards your knees as you breathe out, with the muscles of your abdomen contracted, but do not put too much stress on your neck. Go back down again, not letting your head touch the ground, as you breathe in.

2. Weighted crunch

You can add some weight to increase the effectiveness of the exercise, as it strengthens your core. You can use a two pound medicine ball held over the middle of your chest, but not completely resting on it, when you lie down in the position of the conventional crunch. Roll your head and shoulders up slightly, not letting your chest be touched by your chin. The ball might move forward a little but move back in place over the middle of your chest. Go back down again without letting your head touch the ground and repeat the process.

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3. Reverse crunch

This type of crunch can be done when mixed with other exercises, like cardio workouts and other activities such as dieting, reduce fats stored in the belly, helping you to acquire 6-packs. Lay down on your back with your legs raised in the air, but your knee bent at right angle, so that the ground is parallel to your shin.

Breathe out as you place your arms straight, palms down by your sides on the ground, then lift your buttocks and the lower part of your back, as the muscles of your abdomen contract and you are not supporting yourself by pressing your arms on the ground. Breathe in as you come back down again and repeat the process.

Image Courtesy of: pinimg.com, womenshealthmag.com.

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