4 Yoga Poses to Relieve Menstrual Pain

Are you having cramps. While it is common for ladies to experience cramps during a menstrual cycle, it hurts, burns, throb and a lot of hurtful things, it may come before the menstrual period or during. I bet you will be happy to find a way to ease the pain and below are some of this ways you looking for.

1. Forward fold

This pose lengthens your spine and stretches your hips, it also helps to reduce the pain down the legs and around the back, as it stretches your calves, back and hamstrings.

You have to be a little strong enough to do this pose, even though you are in your menstrual period. Stand up and bend over, pause and stand again, you can repeat that for about 5 times. Remember to release your neck muscles further as your hands are folded over your head and your head down almost touching the ground.

2. Camel pose

This yoga pose helps to stretch your front body, thighs, ankles and groin, it also opens your chest, throat and abdomen. The pose also helps to relieve mild back pain, anxiety and menstrual pain. You have to kneel on the floor or mat with hips-with apart, then turn your thighs inwards and press your shins with your feet strongly on the ground, then rest your hands on the back of your hips. Breathe in, lift your chest and press down your shoulders towards your rips, then push your hips towards your front body and arch  back,  still keeping your hands firmly on your he back of your hips, stay there for about 40 to 6o seconds then drop off. You can use 2 minutes to do this pose.

3. Wide child’s pose

Child’s pose helps to relax and relief you from cramps in your lower back. You have to put your knees on the ground, widen them to a comfortable distance of your choice and then fold them forward, try extending your arms in front of you, then rest your forehead on the floor or mat. Or you can turn your head to one side, hold for about 4 breaths and then turn to the other side and do the same.

4. Arching pigeon

When you do this work on one side at a time it feels better, it opens your hips, and stretches out your lower belly. You have to sit on the floor with your right knee bent, then your left leg should be extended to your back, then place your hand on your hips as you gently arch you back, bear in mind that you will feel a stretch in front of your hips and to stretch it more you can raise your arms in the air, hold one for 30 seconds and the stop and repeat again.

So with all these simple yoga poses, I am sure your next menstrual cycle won’t feel as much as you use to feel.

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