5 Best Core Exercises you could do anywhere

The fact is that both men and women want a flat stomach with the abs showing and did you know that doing sit-ups and crunches aren’t entirely the best core exercises? And I will tell you why – studies have shown that one of the quickest ways to damage the lower back is to load the spine while repeatedly bending back and forth. This is exactly what happens when you do crunches and sit ups. As you read further you will find some of the best five core exercises you can do anywhere without hurting yourself.

1. Different plank variations

You ought to challenge yourself if you want to build a strong and muscular core. You have to try new things. Plank can always make a good starting point for your fitness and healthy journey. There are a lot of plank variations you could try. Some of them are the three-point plant where you have to raise one foot off the ground and hold it there, the other is side plank which targets the smaller core muscles that are often neglected.

2. Reverse Crunches

Just like the name, it is the opposite of a regular crunch and has great impact on improving your posture. In this particular exercise you have to keep your core tight all through the exercise.

3. Dead Bug

This one might look easy but shouldn’t be like that. If it feels easy, then you are doing them wrong. You might have to adjust. Your back should be kept flush against the ground throughout, the movement should also be slow and controlled not forgetting to keep your core braced.

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4. Hanging Leg-Raises

You will need something to hold onto to do this particular exercise. A playground is the best place to do this exercise because this workout requires a bar. The hanging leg-raise might look very easy but it is a tough one. You start by bending your leg and raising your knees to your chest instead.

5. Body Saws

This one is like a combination of both planks and fallouts. This is an awesome exercise but its impact is also felt greatly. Your core should be braced and you should be in control of the movement the whole time.

Lastly another core exercise you can try is the chin-ups. While doing this one, you need to focus on keeping your body straight for the chin-up to be effective.

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