4 Dangers of Excessive Exercise to Health

Exercise is the second pillar of health after diet. So if done right, it can give a great boost to your health. But just like any other thing in this world, if done too much, it can actually harm your health.

The following are four ways over training harms your health and by which you know that you are over training and should stop.

1. Injury

When you over train, you increase your chances of causing serious damage to your muscles as they are being overworked and have little time to repair themselves. In fact the very act of muscle building depends on tearing and repairing the muscles, when you train your muscles, micro tears appear on them which the body later repairs when you are asleep or resting.

It is this repairing method that grows and strengthens your muscles. If you are over training, you are most likely not giving time for your muscles to repair themselves, so they could develop serious injuries as a result.

2. Unending muscle soreness

You know that pain you feel from your muscles after you have exercised. It is a healthy soreness that shows that your muscles have worked and hence are beginning to heal, strengthen and grow themselves.

But if this soreness continues beyond 72 hours from the time you finished the exercise, then it means that you are probably over training and so should take a very long period of rest.

3. Insomnia

Exercise usually improves your sleep, making you tired so you sleep and to have a better, deeper sleep.

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But if done too much, exercise can inhibit sleep from coming, as over training releases way too many muscles that excite and keep you awake.

Muscle soreness and pains you are feeling from injuries acquired also make it very difficult for you to sleep and if you just finished over training a few moments before you went to bed, sleep would be harder to come as your body temperature is high, the opposite of where it needs to be for you to sleep.

4. Sickness

When you are exercising, very levels of hormones are released into your body that creates an environment of catabolism, which breaks down and destroys different body organs and tissues, including the cells of the immune system, making it easier for infectious pathogens to take root successfully and cause disease.


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