4 Easy Lunch Ideas That Nutritionists Actually Make

Lunch is a very important part of your daily meal as, it helps re-energize the body and raise blood sugar levels. It also boosts metabolism and helps you to stay focused throughout the afternoon.

However, lunch isn’t just about getting filled but also about eating healthy and this does not mean it should be a boring meal either. You can plan your meals ahead at the beginning of the week so, you don’t get out of ideas for lunch, especially if you are always busy during work days.

Here are some lunch ideas nutritionists actually make. Keep reading to know more.

1. Avocado quesadilla with greens

Avocado is a rich source of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and are a naturally-dense food, with about 20 vitamins and minerals. This meal makes a healthy lunch, especially if made with wholesome ingredients like whole-wheat tortillas, with very little cheese.

2. Avocado club sandwich

Avocado being one of the healthiest fruits rich in mono-saturated fats has made this meal a healthy choice for lunch. Some other healthy ingredients stuffed into this meal include marinated portobello mushroom caps, tomato, radishes and pea shoots. These ingredients are known to benefit the body in so many ways, especially tomatoes which is a rich source of lycopene that helps prevent cancer and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

3. Cauliflower pizza

Pizza has gotten a bad rap, but it is not completely bad. What matters is the ingredients you use in making it. You can try the cauliflower pizza made with cauliflower, eggs and a pinch of salt and red pepper. Cauliflower is a potent source of electrolyte-balancing potassium. It contains 77 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C and is also a good source of protein, fiber, magnesium and other trace elements. You can top it with pesto, tomatoes and fresh basil. It is just perfect.

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4. Chicken & broccoli macaroni

You can make a balanced pasta meal with steamed broccoli and chicken, preferably chicken breasts. Chicken supplies good protein content, contains some essential vitamins and minerals and also helps in weight loss, cholesterol control and blood pressure control. Adding broccoli to your meal is a great way to sneak in the veggies and broccoli has the most concentrated source of vitamin C and flavanoids to help to recycle the vitamin C. It also contains some powerful antioxidants, including lutein, carotenoids, and beta-carotene.

Now you no longer have to snack on junk food for lunch when you can try out these great ideas. To make things easier  for you, it is always best to plan ahead.

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