4 Ways to Boost Your Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are by far the most practiced class of exercises throughout the world. They include activities such as jogging, swimming and bicycling, that cause your heart to beat faster and improve blood flow.

But they are usually monotonous activities, that make them very boring at times and hence you do not put all your effort into it, reducing its impacts. The following are four ways to fix this, to fire up your cardio exercises to produce more for you.

1. Change mode

For those jogging, swimming, bicycling, or using a cardio machine, do not set how much of that exercise you will do, that day based on how long you do it. But rather set it on the distance you cover.

You see some days, your body is hyper and eager to get going, but on other days, your body just wants to be lazy and looking at your watch or checking the time regularly, just kills your spirit and drive. If you instead set a distance as your target like from here to that road, or 25 times around the block, you will know how well you have come from and so be less stressed. Change the mode too on your cardio machines to distance mode as well.

2. High interval intensity training 

High interval intensity training is one of the most effective exercise there on the earth. It involves alternating periods of high body activity with periods of low body activity. This has the effect of increasing blood flow during the intense period, then allowing muscles to relish in the greater supply of nutrients and oxygen from the blood, when the body is at low activity. This in turn has the ability of making your workout very exciting and may even be a great relaxer.

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3. Hill climbing

Running up and down a hill or inclined surface is one of the fastest ways to burn fats. It may also be one of the most exciting but tiring exercise. If you hill climb in a HIIT fashion, the exercise even becomes more effective and exciting.

4. Do workouts that gets your heart beating

Cardio or aerobic exercises are exercises that are designed primarily for the heart. So it is only fitting, that you concentrate on your heart when exercising. There are cardio workouts that increase your maximum heart rate (MHR) and these exercises will be the more challenging, exciting and effective exercises for both your heart and muscles.

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