5-Minute Flat Belly Blast: Try This Wall Pilates Workout Now

This 5 minutes wall Pilates workout helps to have a flat stomach. All you need is a wall for this flat stomach wall Pilate exercises.

Wall Pilates workouts routine is a shorter but very effective workout to tone and strengthen your abs. It engages many muscles because of additional impact like balance, resistance and gravity. Don’t forget to check out this full body wall Pilates exercises as well.

This Abs wall Pilates workouts which you hopefully also try will really toned you up very quickly.

All you really need is a wall you can find one inside your home or outside your home and if you have a mat you can lay it down if not a towel or a blanket will work just fine

This wall Pilates workouts for abs are going to be 5 minutes long with 10 second breaks in between each exercise.

  1. Bridge Wall Pilates Workout
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. Table Top Crunch
  4. Mountain Gliders
  5. V-Sit wall Pilates exercise
  6. Toe Touch
  7. Side Plank Left
  8. Side Plank Right
  9. Reverse Mountain Climber
  10. V-Up wall Pilates workout
5 Minute Flat Belly Blast Wall Pilates Workout

1. Bridge Wall Pilates Workout

Start by laying on your back with your legs straight upand your ankles against the wall.
Slowly then lift your hips up sliding your legs.
up on the wall and raise them all the way up.
Lower back down by making sure you’re really squeezing your muscles during this whole thing
it’s going to be working your abs your glutes your back your hamstrings and just your
overall core.
Do it really slow and controlled while breathing out when lifting up and breathing in while lifting down

2. Mountain Climber

Flip yourself over into a plank position with your legs up on the wall to start doing mountain climbers.
You need to try and control your legs to slow them down to just bring them in towards your stomach. You really need to squeeze your core and your abs. This one is also working your arms and your shoulders at the same time.

3. Table Top Crunches

this move is focusing on our upper abs giving us that nice definition there but since our legs are lifted we’re also engaging in our lower abs.

It is time to flip over again and bend your legs to tabletop
Place your feet flat on the wall and do crunches squeezing your abs and breathing out as you crunch up and then breathing in as you go down.

This 5 minutes wall Pilates workout helps to have a flat stomach. All you need is a wall for this flat stomach wall Pilate exercises.

4. Mountain Gliders

It is time to flip over again but this time in a downward dog-like position with your legs up on the wall.

Slowly lower your leg in a criss-cross motion angling it towards the opposite side.

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5. V-Sit Wall Pilates Exercise

Sitting down with your back against the wall and your butt as close to the wall as possible, raise up your legs and keep them there.
This exercise looks so easy but it’s the most difficult one out of this whole routine.
It engages your lower abs and those really deep core muscles.

6. Toe Touch

With your legs straight up against the wall and your bum as close to the wall as possible you’re going to lift up and touch your hand to the opposite side’s foot.
Go up as high as you can but make sure you’re doing so using your abs not your neck or your back.

7. Side Plank Left

Get inside plank position with your feet against the wall and you’re going to slowly lower and raise your body having your feet stacked.

When you lower down just go a couple of inches above the ground not all the way down and then come back up.

7. Side Plank Right

It is time to flip over and do it again on the other side.

Please make sure that your forearm is directly below your shoulder when you’re doing these and that your body is in one line from head to toe.

5 Minute flat belly Pilates workout at home

9. Reverse Mountain Climber

Lay down on your back again legs up we’re doing another bridge but this time you will be doing reverse mountain climbers.

Bring your legs sliding them downwards on the wall kind of like you’re running towards your abs.

10. V-Up Wall Pilates Workout

v-ups is the final exercise of this wall Pilate workout routine.

Lie against the wall with your butt against the wall, your legs straight up against the wall.
Open them and then crunch up try and get as high up as possible lift up as you breathe out and try to get your palms to touch flat against the wall and then breathe in as you lower down again.

Use your abs to do this and do not strain your neck.

This wall Pilates workout is super effective for abs because it targets so many large and small muscles the whole time.
With the added effect of the gravity, you, have more resistance and it just builds your muscles quicker. So give this one a try let me know by leaving comment how you like it.

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  1. Thanks for these exciting exercises. All you need is a wall and 5 minutes, fantastic. I tried it today, and it’s hard, but that’s how it is with all new exercises. I am continuing with them tomorrow.

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