5 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

While running remains one of the most affordable and natural exercise one can do, health experts have explained that running can be dangerous sometimes, without the runner even noticing. That is why in this article today, we will be showing some of the common mistakes that you should strive to avoid if, you want the best results from your exercise.

1. Poor hydration

Most runners face the problem of poor hydration. You must never underestimate the relevance of fluid in your body especially when you are running. Experts have explained that poor hydration can render a counter effect to your exercise and in extreme circumstances, may be very detrimental to your health. So the next time you are about to hit the road, ensure that you drink sufficient amount of water before you commence your exercise and be sure to carry a bottle of water along to drink during the course of your exercise as well as afterward.

2. Inappropriate outfit

Running involves a lot of movements. So if you wear an outfit that will hamper smooth movement, it will eventually be counter-productive. When going on a run, choose an outfit that is as light as possible, to avoid making your exercise way more tiresome and frustrating than it should be.

3. Overtraining

You may have heard the popular adage, “Too much of one thing is good for nothing”  the same applies to running and exercise in general. More often, you see runners who become so overwhelmed with the desire to attain a certain goal that they become oblivious to reality-ignoring the fact that it is highly expedient to rest.

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While your body becomes stronger by the process of repairing damaged tissues, when the damage to tissues is too severe, your body will break down and prevent you from training at all, for an extended period of time. This will obviously set you back on your goals.

4. Poor breathing

This is one of the major mistakes that most runners continually make, experts have opined that most runners have not learned how they should run and breathe at the same time, so they often are faced with the challenge of going very fast but supplying insufficient oxygen to their heart, which is why lots of runners end up passing out while running.

5. Insufficient energy

You should never underestimate the relevance of gaining all the needed calories before you start running. It has been mentioned that what we eat and drink prior and after your running exercise can greatly contribute to your running performance and your health. This is solely because while running, your body utilizes a lot of energy and there may be some complications if it is not properly compensated for that loss.


Above are common running mistakes that most people make. If you find out that you have probably been making any of these mistakes, now is the right time to adjust and correct them.

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