5 Easy Ways To Prevent Injuries While Exercising

You may have been made to believe that exercising without sustaining some injury is impossible. However, studies have shown that with the right preparations, you can actually complete your exercise without sustaining any injury. Here are some simple steps to ensure that you stay while exercising:

1. Warm up

Before commencing your exercise proper, it is always recommended by health experts that you warm up. The essence of this warm up is to effectively stir up your cardiovascular system and your muscles, so that exercising will be easier when you start.

Warming up is like sending impulses to your brain to begin to align your muscles in the right position before you start.

2. Know your body

Understand that even Mark Tyson or Jean-Claude Van Damme have limits to their strength, so your ability to discern when you ought to slow down will greatly help avert most injuries. Although this is common wisdom, it has also been affirmed by Kenneth Plancher, an associate clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

3. Get a good outfit

What you wear for certain kinds of exercises can either raise of lower your risk of injury in the course of that exercise. For example, you can’t go out jogging wearing flip-flops as you’ll most probably end up getting hurt in some way. So for such an exercise, ensure that you get good shoes and comfortable pants. This rule applies to any other exercise you plan on doing.

4. Reduce your exposure to the sun

While the rays from the sun supply your body with Vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient, any exposure beyond what is necessary may eventually cause sunburn and can damage and weaken your skins resilience, making you even more susceptible to injuries while working out.

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5. Rest intermittently

As mentioned earlier, you need to know when to stop and give your body some restWhen you go overboard with exercising, your body will always send some cues to warn you to stop and when you receive such warnings, be sure to take a rest.

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