5 Essential Oils For Women’s Health

5 essential oils for women health

Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic scent of the plant or other source from which is obtained. They are used in holistic medicine by herbalists and aromatherapists as a means to heal and control certain conditions such as indigestion, painful menstrual cramps and even cancer.

In aromatherapy, they are used to calm the nerves to create a relaxed feeling. Some people use aromatherapy in conjunction with psychiatry.

1. Lavender oil

Lavender is one of my favourites! It is widely used by the cosmetics industry in perfumes, lotions and bodywashes. It is reduces stress and the calm the most razzled of nerves which in turn can help you sleep.

Fun fact:

A scientist once accidentally burned his hand. There was no water around him so he dunked his entire hand in a boil of lavender oil. To his surprise, his hand healed without leaving a scar! So why not leave a bottle in the kitchen. You never know when you might need it.

2. Clary Sage

This particular essential oil is quite effective as an anti-depressant. A lot of people who have issues with depression prefer to use natural herbs and essential oils as a means to keep the blues at bay for one main reason: a lot of drugs on the market now have very terrible side effects in the long run and also, some individuals struggling with depression are pregnant women who cannot consume certain drugs during their pregnancies.

Clary Sage is also good for dealing with menstrual cramps. Find a bottle of the “good stuff” that says “for topical use” for painful cramps, and massage the oil into your abdomen for relief from menstrual pain.

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3. Basil oil

Basil is delicious in a tomato sauce and the oil works miracles. Imagine coming home from work or school and your entire body is aching. Take a hot bath then add a few drops to a massage oil and rub on your body, focusing on the aching part, and feel the relief take over.

4. Wild Orange

For the days when you are not “in the mood”, wild orange is sure to pick you up as it is invigorating. Be sure to shower with hot water to open those pores, making absorption easy and fast.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Also called Malaleuca oil, this is an essential oil that is used in cosmetics and skin washes in low concentration. As much as the oil is a miracle worker, it should not be ingested—it is toxic when taken orally. It is great for dandruff, acne and other skin infections but evidence of such is low.

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