Healthy Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs have been proven to be healthy and nutritious because it is loaded with vitamins, proteins, minerals and other components that are essential to your body. Below are some of the healthy benefits of what egg provides to your body when eaten.

1. Helps with weight loss

Eating eggs can help you lose weight, studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast can limit the intake of calories a day, because it keeps you filled for a longer time meaning, you tend to lose like 2 pounds or more a month when eaten to cut down the intake of calories.

2. Healthy hearts

Eggs are loaded with nutrients like betaine and choline that helps to promote a healthy heart, choline is also good for brain development.

3. Fights against breast cancer

Researchers have discovered that eating egg helps to prevent breast cancer, it was studied that women who eat at least 6 eggs a week have about 44 percent chance of not developing breast cancer, compared to women who don’t eat eggs or just eat few eggs a week, because the choline in the eggs can reduce the risk of cancer.

4. Healthy eyes

There are nutrients in egg that helps with eyesight. As we age, eyesight becomes worst, but studies have shown that eating an adequate amount of egg can help to reduce the rate of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. Antioxidants, like lutein and zeaxanthin that are found in egg improves eye sight and prevents eye disorder.

5. Protects bone

Eggs are a source of vitamin D, which is good for calcium absorption and also helps to maintain healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis.

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6. Promotes healthy hair

Egg helps to promote healthy hair, because it is loaded with Sulphur, which contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins that help grow hair faster.

Eating at least 3 eggs a day is perfect and safe for your health, it’s a naturally perfect food and its filling and cheap, which can take you longer a day.

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