5 Tips On How To Improve Your Yoga Skills

Yoga, for some people, depends totally on flexibility, so once they find out that they aren’t as flexible as yoga demands, they give up. Yoga is however much more than just being flexible; it is about connecting the body and the mind. Every one of us has a unique body, so flexibility definitely differs from individual to individual. Do you think you need to improve your yoga skills? If so, then below are some tips to guide you.

1. Respect the limits of your body

It is very important that you know how flexible you can be for a particular move. You may not be able to bring your nose to your knee like several others would; that doesn’t mean you should stress it and end up injuring yourself.

Remember you have to love and respect your body, and a great way to make this happen is by not comparing your body with someone else’s. Don’t try too hard to do what’s beyond you, and don’t be lazy either. Take it steadily.

2. Take a wider stance to create space

To get the best experience of yoga, you need enough space. Stand with your feet far apart so that you are able to move freely, and your muscle contractions are not restricted.

3. Use the yogic-smile meter

Yoga connects the mind and the body, which helps to improve the mood and you won’t be helping if you refuse to smile. When you stretch longer than your limits, your smile will definitely disappear, which tells you that you are doing something wrong. Keep your smile on your face, and ensure you maintain it, so that you will know when something has gone wrong.

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4. Practice with consistency

Getting the perfect flexible body you desire won’t come in a day, you have to make it happen. Plan ahead and ensure you stick to your plans. You can even enroll for yoga classes, where you get to meet like minded people that will ginger your motivation. Constant practice is the way to go.

5. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to your home practice

In line with the previous tip, 10 minutes is not too much to dedicate to yoga out of your 24 hours. Take out time to practice; make it a hobby and have fun at it. You can do it anytime, either when you wake or during the day or even when you are about to sleep.

Yoga benefits the body in so many ways. Some of the benefits are that it helps to improve flexibility, reduce your risk of minor injuries, help you maintain a balanced metabolism, increase muscle strength and tone, among others.

image courtesy of: smithersyogaloft.com, washington.edu, yogajournal.com.

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